path: root/drivers/net/wireless/libertas/wext.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-06-23Libertas: cfg80211 supportKiran Divekar
2010-04-11Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/ne...David S. Miller
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2010-03-24libertas: add auto auth mode featureAmitkumar Karwar
2009-12-25Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/linvil...David S. Miller
2009-12-22libertas: make mesh configurableHolger Schurig
2009-12-22libertas: add access functions for mesh open/connect statusHolger Schurig
2009-12-21Libertas: fix buffer overflow in lbs_get_essid()Daniel Mack
2009-10-27libertas: move mic failure event to wext.cHolger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: move SIOCGIWAP calls to wext.cHolger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: move lbs_send_iwevcustom_event() to wext.cHolger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: get current channel out of priv->curbssparamsHolger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: change IW_ESSID_MAX_SIZE -> IEEE80211_MAX_SSID_LENHolger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: remove unused 11d codeHolger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: Check return status of command functionsAmitkumar Karwar
2009-10-07libertas: Use lbs_is_cmd_allowed() check in command handling routines.Amitkumar Karwar
2009-10-07libertas: Add auto deep sleep support for SD8385/SD8686/SD8688Amitkumar Karwar
2009-08-04libertas: Fix WEP association failure with open source wpa_supplicant 0.5.10Maithili Hinge
2009-07-10libertas: remove ps_supported flag, use fwcapinfoAndrey Yurovsky
2009-03-21libertas: convert to internal net_device_statsStephen Hemminger
2009-02-26libertas: fix misuse of netdev_priv() and dev->ml_privKiran Divekar
2008-11-12netdevice: safe convert to netdev_priv() #part-4Wang Chen
2008-11-10don't use net/ieee80211.hJohannes Berg
2008-10-31wireless: use individual buffers for printing ssid valuesJohn W. Linville
2008-10-31wireless: consolidate on a single escape_essid implementationJohn W. Linville
2008-10-27net: convert print_mac to %pMJohannes Berg
2008-09-30libertas: Improvements on automatic tx power control via SIOCSIWTXPOW (fixups)Anna Neal
2008-09-24libertas: Reduce the WPA key installation time (fixups)Javier Cardona
2008-09-15libertas: correct "limited range of data type" warningJohn W. Linville
2008-09-15libertas: Reduce the WPA key installation time.Javier Cardona
2008-09-15libertas: convert SNMP_MIB to a direct commandDan Williams
2008-09-11libertas: Improvements on automatic tx power control via SIOCSIWTXPOW.Anna Neal
2008-08-29libertas: convert adhoc operations to direct commandsDan Williams
2008-08-29libertas: convert CMD_802_11_RADIO_CONTROL to a direct commandDan Williams
2008-08-29libertas: convert CMD_802_11_DEAUTHENTICATE to a direct commandDan Williams
2008-08-29libertas: convert CMD_802_11_RF_TX_POWER to a direct commandDan Williams
2008-06-03libertas: rate adaptation configuration via iwconfig.Javier Cardona
2008-05-21libertas: Extend MESH_CONFIG command to access non-volatile configurationJavier Cardona
2008-04-08libertas: remove lbs_get_fwversion()Holger Schurig
2008-04-08libertas: move association code from scan.c into assoc.cHolger Schurig
2008-04-08libertas: move association code from join.c into scan.cHolger Schurig
2008-03-25libertas: remove lots of unused stuffHolger Schurig
2008-03-25libertas: misc power saving adjustsHolger Schurig
2008-03-25libertas: convert GET_LOG to a direct commandHolger Schurig
2008-03-13libertas: implement SSID scanning for SIOCSIWSCANHolger Schurig
2008-01-28libertas: always show firmware releaseHolger Schurig
2008-01-28libertas: allow for PS mode to be disabled when firmware doesn't support itDavid Woodhouse
2008-01-28libertas: pass channel argument directly to lbs_mesh_config()David Woodhouse
2008-01-28libertas: allow setting channel on mshX deviceDavid Woodhouse
2008-01-28libertas: allow get/set SSID on mshX deviceDavid Woodhouse