path: root/drivers/net/wireless/libertas/host.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-07-09net/wireless: remove macro defined twice with same valueOskar Schirmer
2011-04-28libertas: use kernel-doc notation, fix comment styleRandy Dunlap
2011-03-09ieee80211: add IEEE80211_COUNTRY_STRING_LEN definitionBing Zhao
2010-07-27libertas: convert PS_MODE to a direct commandDan Williams
2010-07-27libertas: convert CMD_FWT_ACCESS to a direct commandDan Williams
2010-07-27libertas: convert Mesh Blinding Table access to a direct commandDan Williams
2010-07-27libertas: convert register access to direct commandsDan Williams
2010-07-27libertas: convert LED_GPIO_CTRL to a direct commandDan Williams
2010-07-27libertas: remove Beacon ControlDan Williams
2010-07-27libertas: remove unused Automatic Frequency Control commandDan Williams
2010-07-27libertas: remove unused indirect TPC_CFG command leftoversDan Williams
2010-07-27libertas: convert 11D_DOMAIN_INFO to a direct commandDan Williams
2010-07-27libertas: clean up RSSI commandDan Williams
2010-07-27libertas: clean up MONITOR_MODE commandDan Williams
2010-07-27Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/holtma...John W. Linville
2010-07-14libertas: convert new uses of __attribute__ ((packed)) to __packedJohn W. Linville
2010-07-01Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/linvil...David S. Miller
2010-06-23Libertas: Added 11d support using cfg80211Kiran Divekar
2010-06-03drivers/net: use __packed annotationEric Dumazet
2009-10-27libertas: remove "struct cmd_ds_gen"Holger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: remove handling for CMD_GET_TSFHolger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: change IW_ESSID_MAX_SIZE -> IEEE80211_MAX_SSID_LENHolger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: remove unused 11d.h as well, priv->countryinfoHolger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: remove unused lbs_cmd_802_11_inactivity_timeout()Holger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: harmonize cmd.hHolger Schurig
2009-10-27libertas: cleanup host.h and hostcmd.hHolger Schurig
2009-10-07libertas: Add auto deep sleep support for SD8385/SD8686/SD8688Amitkumar Karwar
2009-05-22libertas: implement function init/shutdown commands for SD8688Bing Zhao
2009-04-22libertas: support mesh for various firmware versionsBing Zhao
2009-01-29libertas: Update libertas core with GSPI constantsColin McCabe
2008-12-12libertas: Create sysfs entry for changing the mesh probe response limitAnna Neal
2008-11-21libertas: Fine grained configuration of wake-on-lan.Anna Neal
2008-09-15libertas: convert SNMP_MIB to a direct commandDan Williams
2008-09-11libertas: Improvements on automatic tx power control via SIOCSIWTXPOW.Anna Neal
2008-08-29libertas: convert CMD_802_11_RADIO_CONTROL to a direct commandDan Williams
2008-08-29libertas: convert CMD_802_11_DEAUTHENTICATE to a direct commandDan Williams
2008-08-29libertas: convert CMD_802_11_RF_TX_POWER to a direct commandDan Williams
2008-05-21libertas: Extend MESH_CONFIG command to access non-volatile configurationJavier Cardona
2008-03-27libertas: remove CMD_802_11_PWR_CFGHolger Schurig
2008-03-25libertas: remove some unused commandsHolger Schurig
2008-01-28libertas: allow for PS mode to be disabled when firmware doesn't support itDavid Woodhouse
2008-01-28libertas: handle HOST_AWAKE event by sending WAKEUP_CONFIRM commandDavid Woodhouse
2008-01-28libertas: add SLEEP_PERIOD and FW_WAKE_METHOD command definitionsDavid Woodhouse
2008-01-28libertas: add lbs_host_sleep_cfg() command functionDavid Woodhouse
2008-01-28libertas: whitespace cleanup in host.hDavid Woodhouse
2008-01-28libertas: add lbs_mesh sysfs attribute for enabling meshDavid Woodhouse
2008-01-28libertas: fix case of FWT_ACCESS_LIST_ROUTE and FWT_ACCESS_LIST_NEIGHBOR comm...Dan Williams
2008-01-28libertas: wait for 'firmware ready' event from firmware after loadingDavid Woodhouse
2008-01-28libertas: less eventcause shiftsHolger Schurig
2008-01-28libertas: rework event subscriptionHolger Schurig