path: root/drivers/mmc/host/mxcmmc.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-12mmc: mxcmmc: enable DMA support on mpc512xAnatolij Gustschin
2013-04-12mmc: mxcmmc: constify mxcmci_devtypeAnatolij Gustschin
2013-04-12mmc: mxcmmc: use slot-gpio API for write-protect detectionAnatolij Gustschin
2013-04-12mmc: mxcmmc: add mpc512x SDHC supportAnatolij Gustschin
2013-04-12mmc: mxcmmc: fix race conditions for host->req and host->data accessAnatolij Gustschin
2013-04-12mmc: mxcmmc: DT supportMarkus Pargmann
2013-04-12mmc: mxcmmc: Fix bug when card is present during bootAlexander Shiyan
2012-12-12Merge tag 'cleanup' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-socLinus Torvalds
2012-12-06mmc: mxcmmc: fix SD cards not being detected sometimes.Javier Martin
2012-11-13Merge branch 'cleanups/dma' into next/cleanupArnd Bergmann
2012-11-07mmc: mxcmmc: Fix MODULE_ALIASFabio Estevam
2012-10-15mmc: mxcmmc: remove cpu_is_xxx by using platform_device_idShawn Guo
2012-10-10Merge tag 'mmc-merge-for-3.7-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kerne...Linus Torvalds
2012-10-03mmc: mxcmmc: fix bug that may block a data transfer foreverJavier Martin
2012-09-14ARM: imx: move platform_data definitionsArnd Bergmann
2012-04-25mmc mxcmmc: do not depend on grouped clocksSascha Hauer
2012-03-21dmaengine/dma_slave: introduce inline wrappersAlexandre Bounine
2012-02-22dmaengine: Pass dma_slave_config .device_fc = NULL for all existing usersViresh Kumar
2012-01-30mmc: mxcmmc: add missing dma_async_issue_pendingSascha Hauer
2012-01-17Merge branch 'next' of git://git.infradead.org/users/vkoul/slave-dmaLinus Torvalds
2012-01-11mmc: convert drivers/mmc/host/* to use module_platform_driver()Axel Lin
2011-12-10mmc: mxcmmc: fix falling back to PIOSascha Hauer
2011-11-17Merge branch 'dma_slave_direction' into next_test_dirnVinod Koul
2011-11-01Merge branch 'next/cleanup' of git://git.linaro.org/people/arnd/arm-socLinus Torvalds
2011-10-31mmc-host: move to dma_transfer_directionVinod Koul
2011-10-26mmc: replace printk with appropriate display macroGirish K S
2011-10-17mmc: mxcmmc: explicitly includes mach/hardware.hShawn Guo
2011-07-07ARM i.MX dma: Fix burstsize settingsSascha Hauer
2011-03-15mmc: mxcmmc: use dmaengine APISascha Hauer
2011-01-08mmc: mxcmmc: remove a unnecessary release_resource() callAxel Lin
2011-01-08mmc: mxcmmc: update the regulator support code to the latest APIAlberto Panizzo
2011-01-08mmc: mxcmmc: Allow binding a regulator to manage the MMC card voltageAlberto Panizzo
2010-10-23mmc: Remove distinction between hw and phys segmentsMartin K. Petersen
2010-07-26mxcmmc: convert to pm_ops and enable/disable clockEric Bénard
2010-07-26Merge branch 'imx/for-2.6.36' of git://git.pengutronix.de/git/ukl/linux-2.6 i...Uwe Kleine-König
2010-07-26mxcmmc: add card detect through DAT3 possibilityEric Bénard
2010-05-27mmc: remove the "state" argument to mmc_suspend_host()Matt Fleming
2010-05-17ARM: mx3: Fix a race condition in mxcmmcDaniel Mack
2010-04-14ARM: MXC: mxcmmc: work around a bug in the SDHC busy line handlingDaniel Mack
2010-04-14ARM: MXC: mxcmmc: Teach the driver SDIO operationsDaniel Mack
2010-04-14ARM: MXC: mxcmmc: misc cleanupsDaniel Mack
2010-03-12Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jik...Linus Torvalds
2010-03-12mxcmmc: fixed max_seg_size value on initializationVladimir Zapolskiy
2010-02-09tree-wide: Assorted spelling fixesDaniel Mack
2009-12-15mxcmmc: fix error path in mxcmci_probeUwe Kleine-König
2009-09-21trivial: fix typo "to to" in multiple filesAnand Gadiyar
2009-06-13mxcmmc: remove frequency workaroundPierre Ossman
2009-06-03mxcmmc: Fix missing return value checking in DMA setup code.Martin Fuzzey
2009-06-03mxcmmc : Reset the SDHC hardware if software timeout occurs.Martin Fuzzey
2009-06-03mxcmmc: decrease minimum frequency to make MMC cards workSascha Hauer