path: root/drivers/misc/mei/interrupt.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-06mei: move interrupt handlers to be me hw specificTomas Winkler
2013-02-06mei: separate compilation of the ME hardware specificsTomas Winkler
2013-01-08mei: make host csr and me csr internal to hw-meTomas Winkler
2013-01-08mei: abstract host and device readienessTomas Winkler
2013-01-08mei: use non cached hcsr for interrupt enablementTomas Winkler
2013-01-08mei: rename interface to hw-meTomas Winkler
2013-01-08mei: fix client functions namesTomas Winkler
2013-01-08mei: add new hbm.h header to export hbm protocolTomas Winkler
2013-01-07mei: move hbm responses from interrupt.c to hbm.cTomas Winkler
2013-01-07mei: add common prefix to hbm functionTomas Winkler
2013-01-07mei: use structured buffer for the write bufferTomas Winkler
2013-01-07mei: move host bus message handling to hbm.cTomas Winkler
2013-01-07mei: move hw dependent functions to interface.cTomas Winkler
2013-01-07mei: include local headers after the system onesTomas Winkler
2013-01-07mei: use unified format for printing mei message headerTomas Winkler
2013-01-07mei: drop redundant length parameter from mei_write_message functionTomas Winkler
2012-11-21mei: Simplify the ME client enumeration codeSamuel Ortiz
2012-11-21mei: simplify write complete loop in irq handlerTomas Winkler
2012-11-21mei: don't mix read and write slotsTomas Winkler
2012-11-21mei: streamline amthif write complete functionTomas Winkler
2012-11-21mei: streamline write complete flow functionTomas Winkler
2012-11-21mei: use structured buffer for extra write bufferTomas Winkler
2012-11-21mei: compact code for mei bus message creationTomas Winkler
2012-11-15mei: use the same bus msg for connect and disconnect requestTomas Winkler
2012-11-15mei: rename enum mei_cb_major_types to enum mei_cb_file_opsTomas Winkler
2012-11-15mei: use type struct mei_cl *cl instead of void in struct mei_cbTomas Winkler
2012-11-15mei: amthif: prefix cb list with amthifTomas Winkler
2012-11-01mei: extract AMTHI functions into the amthif.c fileTomas Winkler
2012-11-01mei: normalize timeouts definitionsTomas Winkler
2012-10-24mei: rename mei_free_cb_private to mei_io_cb_freeTomas Winkler
2012-10-24mei: kill usless struct mei_io_listTomas Winkler
2012-10-24mei: rename mei_cl_cb.information to mei_cl_cb.buf_idxTomas Winkler
2012-09-10mei: don't print buffer as a stringTomas Winkler
2012-08-16mei: wd: decouple and revamp watchdog state machineTomas Winkler
2012-08-16mei: wd: rename watchdog constants to be more descriptiveTomas Winkler
2012-08-16mei: fix device stall after wd is stoppedTomas Winkler
2012-08-16mei: name space for mei device stateTomas Winkler
2012-07-18Merge 3.5-rc7 into char-misc-next.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-07-10mei: mei_irq_thread_write_handler - line break fixTomas Winkler
2012-07-10mei: streamline the _mei_irq_thread_close/ioctol functionsTomas Winkler
2012-07-10mei: introduce mei_data2slots wrapperTomas Winkler
2012-07-10mei: remove write only wariable wd_due_counterTomas Winkler
2012-06-26mei: revamp host buffer interface functionTomas Winkler
2012-06-26mei: don't query HCSR for host buffer depthTomas Winkler
2012-06-20mei: mei_irq_thread_write_handler check for overflowTomas Winkler
2012-06-20mei: check for error codes that mei_flow_ctrl_creds retunsTomas Winkler
2012-06-13misc: mei: fix stalled readTomas Winkler
2012-05-09mei: export mei.h for the user spaceTomas Winkler
2012-05-01Staging: mei: move the mei code out of stagingGreg Kroah-Hartman