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2013-05-22iio:common:st: added disable function after read info raw dataDenis CIOCCA
Signed-off-by: Denis Ciocca <denis.ciocca@st.com> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Cameron <jic23@kernel.org>
2013-03-25iio:trigger: Introduce iio_tigger_{set,get}_drvdataLars-Peter Clausen
Introduce iio_tigger_{set,get}_drvdata which allows to attach driver specific data to a trigger. The functions wrap access to the triggers private_data field and all current users are updated to use iio_tigger_{set,get}_drvdata instead of directly accessing the private_data field. This is the first step towards removing the private_data field from the iio_trigger struct. The following coccinelle script has been used to update the drivers: <smpl> @@ struct iio_trigger *trigger; expression priv; @@ -trigger->private_data = priv +iio_trigger_set_drv_data(trigger, priv) @@ struct iio_trigger *trigger; @@ -trigger->private_data +iio_trigger_get_drv_data(trigger) </smpl> Signed-off-by: Lars-Peter Clausen <lars@metafoo.de> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Cameron <jic23@kernel.org>
2013-03-25Merge tag 'iio-for-3.10a' of ↵Greg Kroah-Hartman
git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jic23/iio into staging-next Jonathan writes: First set of IIO new drivers and cleanup for the 3.10 cycle. New stuff 1) Add OF support for specifying mappings between iio devices and their in kernel consumers. 2) Driver for AD7923 (extra functionality and support for ad7904, ad7914 and ad7924 added later in series) 3) Driver for Exynos adc (dt suppor for phy added later in series). 4) Make iio_push_event save IRQ context - necessary if it is to be used within an interrupt handler. Users of this functionality to follow. 5) For iio use the device tree node name to provide the hwmon name attribute if available. Removal and moves out of staging 1) Drop the adt7410 driver from IIO now that there is a hmwon driver with equivalent support. This device is very much targeted at hardware monitoring so hwmon is a more appropriate host for the driver. 2) Move iio_hwmon driver to drivers/hwmon. Cleanups 1) Minor cleanup in ST common library. 2) Large set of patches to break the info_mask element which previously used odd and even bits to specify if a channel attribute was either shared across similar channels or specific to only one. Now we have two bitmaps, one for those parameters that are specific to this channel and one for those shared by all channels with the same type as this one. This has no effect on the userspace abi. It simplifies the core code and provides more space for new channel parameters. It has been on the todo list for a long time! Conflicts: drivers/iio/dac/ad5064.c
2013-03-16iio:common: Use spi_sync_transfer() in STMicroelectronics common libraryDenis Ciocca
Use the new spi_sync_transfer() helper function instead of open-coding it. Signed-off-by: Denis Ciocca <denis.ciocca@st.com> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Cameron <jic23@kernel.org>
2013-03-05iio:common:st_sensors fixed all warning messages about uninitialized variablesDenis CIOCCA
Signed-off-by: Denis Ciocca <denis.ciocca@st.com> Reported-by: Fengguang Wu <fengguang.wu@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Cameron <jic23@kernel.org>
2013-02-02iio:common: removed unused functions outside st_sensors libraryDenis CIOCCA
This patch remove st_sensors_get_sampling_frequency_avl and st_sensors_get_scale_avl functions used only in st_sensors_sysfs_sampling_frequency_avail and st_sensors_sysfs_scale_avail sysfs functions. Signed-off-by: Denis Ciocca <denis.ciocca@st.com> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Cameron <jic23@kernel.org>
2013-01-31iio:common: Add STMicroelectronics common libraryDenis Ciocca
This patch add a generic library for STMicroelectronics 3-axis sensors. Signed-off-by: Denis Ciocca <denis.ciocca@st.com> Reviewed-by: Lars-Peter Clausen <lars@metafoo.de> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Cameron <jic23@kernel.org>