path: root/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/rv770.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-03radeon: Fix system hang issue when using KMS with older cardsAdis Hamzić
2013-05-29radeon: use max_bus_speed to activate gen2 speedsKleber Sacilotto de Souza
2013-05-29drm/radeon: UVD block on SUMO2 is the same as on SUMOChristian König
2013-05-02drm/radeon: consolidate UVD clock programmingChristian König
2013-04-23drm/radeon/7xx: add support for golden register initAlex Deucher
2013-04-22drm/radeon: put UVD PLLs in bypass modeChristian König
2013-04-09drm/radeon/kms: replace *REG32_PCIE_P with *REG32_PCIE_PORTAlex Deucher
2013-04-09drm/radeon: add UVD tiling addr config v2Christian König
2013-04-09drm/radeon: add set_uvd_clocks callback for r7xx v3Christian König
2013-04-09drm/radeon: UVD bringup v8Christian König
2013-04-09drm/radeon: clean up vram/gtt location handlingAlex Deucher
2013-02-20drm/radeon: add a asic callback to get the xclkAlex Deucher
2013-01-04drm/radeon: split r6xx and r7xx copy_dma functionsAlex Deucher
2012-12-10drm/radeon/kms: Add initial support for async DMA on r6xx/r7xxAlex Deucher
2012-10-03Merge branch 'drm-next' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linuxLinus Torvalds
2012-10-02UAPI: (Scripted) Convert #include "..." to #include <path/...> in drivers/gpu/David Howells
2012-09-20drm/radeon: Mark all possible functions / structs as staticLauri Kasanen
2012-07-19drm/radeon/kms: auto detect pcie link speed from root portDave Airlie
2012-07-17drm/radeon: record what is next valid wptr for each ring v4Christian König
2012-07-17drm/radeon: move radeon_ib_ring_tests out of chipset codeChristian König
2012-07-17drm/radeon: remove r600_blit_suspendChristian König
2012-07-17drm/radeon: remove ip_pool start/suspendChristian König
2012-07-17drm/radeon: remove FIXME comment from chipset suspendChristian König
2012-06-16drm/radeon: add some additional 6xx/7xx/EG register initAlex Deucher
2012-06-05drm/radeon: make audio_init consistent across asicsAlex Deucher
2012-06-01drm/radeon: fixup tiling group size and backendmap on r6xx-r9xx (v4)Alex Deucher
2012-06-01drm/radeon: properly program gart on rv740, juniper, cypress, barts, hemlockAlex Deucher
2012-06-01drm/radeon: fix bank information in tiling configAlex Deucher
2012-05-17drm/radeon: make use of radeon_gem_init() consistentAlex Deucher
2012-05-09drm/radeon: simplify semaphore handling v2Jerome Glisse
2012-05-07Merge branch 'for-airlied' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~danvet/drm-intel ...Dave Airlie
2012-05-03drm/radeon: use central function for IB testingChristian König
2012-04-19radeon: fix r600/agp when vram is after AGP (v3)Jerome Glisse
2012-03-15drm: Merge tag 'v3.3-rc7' into drm-core-nextDave Airlie
2012-02-29drm/radeon/kms: make ring_start, ring_test, and ib_test per ringAlex Deucher
2012-02-29drm/radeon/kms: reorganize copy callbacksAlex Deucher
2012-02-22drm/radeon/kms: properly set accel working flag and bailout when falseJerome Glisse
2011-12-20drm/radeon: introduce a sub allocator and convert ib pool to it v4Jerome Glisse
2011-12-20drm/radeon/kms: add some new ring params to better handle other ring typesAlex Deucher
2011-12-20drm/radeon: precompute fence cpu/gpu addr once v3Jerome Glisse
2011-12-20drm/radeon: rename struct radeon_cp to radeon_ringChristian König
2011-12-20drm/radeon: make cp variable an arrayChristian König
2011-12-20drm/radeon: make ring rptr and wptr register offsets variableChristian König
2011-12-20drm/radeon: make all functions work with multiple rings.Christian König
2011-12-20drm/radeon/kms: add support for semaphores v3Christian König
2011-12-20drm/radeon/kms: add support for multiple fence queues v2Alex Deucher
2011-12-01drm/radeon/kms: add some loop timeouts in pageflip codeAlex Deucher
2011-11-04drm/radeon/kms: consolidate GART code, fix segfault after GPU lockup V2Jerome Glisse
2011-11-01drm/radeon/kms: allocate vram scratch page on 6xx+Alex Deucher
2011-10-18Merge tag 'v3.1-rc10' into drm-core-nextDave Airlie