path: root/drivers/dma/dw_dmac_regs.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-30dw_dmac: adjust slave_id accordingly to request line baseAndy Shevchenko
2013-02-28dmaengine: dw_dmac: move to generic DMA bindingArnd Bergmann
2013-01-28dw_dmac: return proper residue valueAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-28dw_dmac: introduce total_len field in struct dw_descAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-28dw_dmac: remove unnecessary tx_list field in dw_dma_chanAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-20dw_dmac: allocate dma descriptors from DMA_COHERENT memoryAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-12dw_dmac: backlink to dw_dma in dw_dma_chan is superfluousAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-12dw_dmac: store direction in the custom channel structureAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-07dw_dmac: introduce to_dw_desc() macroAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-07dmaengine: dw_dmac: Enhance device tree supportViresh Kumar
2012-10-25drivers/dma/dw_dmac: make driver's endianness configurableHein Tibosch
2012-09-27dw_dmac: introduce software emulation of LLP transfersAndy Shevchenko
2012-09-27dw_dmac: autoconfigure data_width or get it via platform dataAndy Shevchenko
2012-09-27dw_dmac: autoconfigure block_size or use platform dataAndy Shevchenko
2012-09-27dw_dmac: fill optional encoded parameters in register structureAndy Shevchenko
2012-07-26dw_dmac: use devm_* functions to simplify codeAndy Shevchenko
2012-07-16dw_dmac: use 'u32' for LLI structure members, not dma_addr_tAndy Shevchenko
2012-06-21dw_dmac: fix constant in the commentAndy Shevchenko
2012-03-13dmaengine: move last completed cookie into generic dma_chan structureRussell King - ARM Linux
2012-02-22dmaengine/dw_dmac: Remove unused fields in struct dw_dma_slaveViresh Kumar
2012-02-22dmaengine/dw_dmac: Add support for DMA_SLAVE_CONFIGViresh Kumar
2011-11-28dmaengine/dw_dmac: Reconfigure interrupt and chan_cfg register on resumeViresh Kumar
2011-05-25dmaengine/dw_dmac: Update maintainer-shipViresh Kumar
2011-05-13dmaengine/dw_dmac: implement pause and resume in dwc_controlLinus Walleij
2011-03-07dmaengine/dw_dmac fix: use readl & writel instead of __raw_readl & __raw_writelViresh Kumar
2011-03-07dw_dmac: Allow src/dst msize & flow controller to be configured at runtimeViresh KUMAR
2011-03-07dw_dmac: Pass Channel Priority from platform_dataViresh Kumar
2009-09-08dw_dmac: implement a private tx_listDan Williams
2009-04-01dw_dmac: add cyclic API to DW DMA driverHans-Christian Egtvedt
2009-02-18atmel-mci: fix initialization of dma slave dataDan Williams
2008-07-08dmaengine: Driver for the Synopsys DesignWare DMA controllerHaavard Skinnemoen