path: root/drivers/clk/clk-fixed-rate.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-01-24clk: add common of_clk_init() functionPrashant Gaikwad
2013-01-15clk: remove exported function from __init sectionDenis Efremov
2012-10-29clk: fix return value check in of_fixed_clk_setup()Wei Yongjun
2012-07-11clk: add DT fixed-clock binding supportGrant Likely
2012-07-11clk: Add CLK_IS_BASIC flag to identify basic clocksRajendra Nayak
2012-05-01clk: Use a separate struct for holding init data.Saravana Kannan
2012-04-24clk: basic: improve parent_names & return errorsMike Turquette
2012-04-24clk: add "const" for clk_ops of basic clksShawn Guo
2012-04-24clk: remove unnecessary EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPLShawn Guo
2012-03-16clk: basic clock hardware typesMike Turquette