path: root/drivers/acpi/processor_core.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-04ACPI / processor: Remove redundant NULL check before kfreeSyam Sidhardhan
2012-07-12cpufreq / ACPI: Fix not loading acpi-cpufreq driver regressionThomas Renninger
2012-01-17ACPI: processor: fix acpi_get_cpuid for UP processorLin Ming
2011-10-31acpi: add export.h to files using THIS_MODULE/EXPORT_SYMBOLPaul Gortmaker
2011-05-29ACPI: processor: fix processor_physically_present in UP kernelLin Ming
2011-03-02ACPI: use __cpuinit for the acpi_processor_set_pdc() call treeJan Beulich
2011-03-02ACPI: use __init where possible in processor driverJan Beulich
2011-01-12ACPI, intel_idle: Cleanup idle= internal variablesThomas Renninger
2010-10-08Merge branch 'pdc-regression' into releaseLen Brown
2010-10-01ACPI: Handle ACPI0007 Device in acpi_early_set_pdcYinghai Lu
2010-09-28ACPI: delete ZEPTO idle=nomwait DMI quirkLen Brown
2010-07-12ACPI: processor: fix processor_physically_present on UPAlex Chiang
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2010-03-14ACPI: processor: push file static MADT pointer into internal map_madt_entry()Alex Chiang
2010-03-14ACPI: processor: refactor internal map_lsapic_id()Alex Chiang
2010-03-14ACPI: processor: refactor internal map_x2apic_id()Alex Chiang
2010-03-14ACPI: processor: refactor internal map_lapic_id()Alex Chiang
2010-03-14ACPI: processor: driver doesn't need to evaluate _PDCAlex Chiang
2010-03-14ACPI: processor: remove early _PDC optin quirksAlex Chiang
2010-03-14ACPI: processor: add internal processor_physically_present()Alex Chiang
2010-03-14ACPI: processor: move acpi_get_cpuid into processor_core.cAlex Chiang
2010-03-14ACPI: processor: mv processor_pdc.c processor_core.cAlex Chiang
2010-03-14ACPI: processor: mv processor_core.c processor_driver.cAlex Chiang
2010-03-07Merge branch 'next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davej/cp...Linus Torvalds
2010-01-13[CPUFREQ] Processor Clocking Control interface driverNaga Chumbalkar
2009-12-22ACPI: processor: change acpi_processor_set_pdc() interfaceAlex Chiang
2009-12-22ACPI: processor: call _PDC earlyAlex Chiang
2009-12-16Merge branch 'misc-2.6.33' into releaseLen Brown
2009-12-16ACPI processor: Fix section mismatch for processor_add()Thomas Renninger
2009-12-16Merge branch 'ost' into releaseLen Brown
2009-12-16ACPI: Remove repeated registered as cooling_device messagesMike Travis
2009-11-24ACPICA: Add post-order callback to acpi_walk_namespaceLin Ming
2009-11-06ACPI: Notify the _PPC evaluation status to the platformZhao Yakui
2009-11-05ACPI: add __cpuinit to acpi_processor_add()Rakib Mullick
2009-10-03ACPI: kill overly verbose "throttling states" log messagesRoland Dreier
2009-09-19Merge branch 'processor-procfs-2.6.32' into releaseLen Brown
2009-09-19Merge branch 'bjorn-start-stop-2.6.32' into releaseLen Brown
2009-08-28ACPI: Move definition of PREFIX from acpi_bus.h to internal..hLen Brown
2009-08-26acpi: don't call acpi_processor_init if acpi is disabledYinghai Lu
2009-06-25ACPI: processor: remove .start() methodBjorn Helgaas
2009-06-25ACPI: processor: move acpi_processor_start() after acpi_processor_add()Bjorn Helgaas
2009-06-25ACPI: processor: clean up in acpi_processor_start() error exitsBjorn Helgaas
2009-06-25ACPI: processor: remove KOBJ_ONLINE/KOBJ_OFFLINE eventsBjorn Helgaas
2009-06-24Merge branches 'acerhdf', 'acpi-pci-bind', 'bjorn-pci-root', 'bugzilla-12904'...Len Brown
2009-06-24ACPI: Rename ACPI processor device bus IDZhao Yakui
2009-06-24ACPI: Make ACPI processor proc I/F depend on the ACPI_PROCFSZhao Yakui
2009-06-20ACPI: pdc init related memory leak with physical CPU hotplugPallipadi, Venkatesh
2009-06-09cpumask: alloc zeroed cpumask for static cpumask_var_tsYinghai Lu
2009-05-27ACPI: processor: move device _HID into driverBjorn Helgaas
2009-05-27ACPI: processor: check for synthetic _HID, default to "Device" declarationBjorn Helgaas