path: root/drivers/acpi/numa.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-02x86, ACPI, mm: Revert movablemem_map supportYinghai Lu
2013-02-23acpi, memory-hotplug: parse SRAT before memblock is readyTang Chen
2013-02-15Merge branch 'acpi-assorted'Rafael J. Wysocki
2013-01-26ACPI: SRAT: report non-volatile memory in debugDavidlohr Bueso
2013-01-11ACPICA: Cleanup table handler naming conflicts.Lv Zheng
2012-08-03ACPI: Only count valid srat memory structuresThomas Renninger
2012-08-03ACPI: Untangle a return statement for better readabilityThomas Renninger
2012-01-17ACPI: Store SRAT table revisionKurt Garloff
2011-02-16x86-64, NUMA: Unify {acpi|amd}_{numa_init|scan_nodes}() arguments and return ...Tejun Heo
2011-01-12x86, ia64, acpi: Clean up x86-ism in drivers/acpi/numa.cTony Luck
2010-12-23x86, acpi: Parse all SRAT cpu entries even above the cpu number limitationYinghai Lu
2010-08-15gcc-4.6: ACPI: fix unused but set variables in ACPIAndi Kleen
2010-04-04ACPI: NUMA: map pxms to low node idsDavid Rientjes
2010-02-17smp: Use nr_cpus= to set nr_cpu_ids earlyYinghai Lu
2009-12-16Merge branch 'misc-2.6.33' into releaseLen Brown
2009-12-16ACPI: remove NID_INVALDavid Rientjes
2009-10-12x86: Export srat physical topologyDavid Rientjes
2009-08-28ACPI: Move definition of PREFIX from acpi_bus.h to internal..hLen Brown
2009-04-03x86, ACPI: add support for x2apic ACPI extensionsSuresh Siddha
2009-03-16acpi: check for pxm_to_node_map overflowCyrill Gorcunov
2008-12-31ACPI: remove private acpica headers from driver filesLin Ming
2008-10-11ACPI: Change acpi_evaluate_integer to support 64-bit on 32-bit kernelsMatthew Wilcox
2008-07-16ACPICA: Update DMAR and SRAT table definitionsBob Moore
2008-06-11ACPI: handle invalid ACPI SLIT tableFenghua Yu
2008-02-07ACPI: misc cleanupsAdrian Bunk
2007-12-13ACPI: fix modpost warningsJan Beulich
2007-07-21x86_64: fake pxm-to-node mapping for fake numaDavid Rientjes
2007-07-21x86_64: various cleanups in NUMA scan nodeDavid Rientjes
2007-06-02ACPI: Section mismatch ... acpi_map_pxm_to_nodeLuck, Tony
2007-05-17acpi: fix potential call to a freed memory section.Aaron Durbin
2007-05-08Fix unnecesary meminitYasunori Goto
2007-05-08Fix section mismatch of memory hotplug related code.Yasunori Goto
2007-02-13ACPI: acpi_table_parse_madt_family() is not MADT specificLen Brown
2007-02-13ACPI: acpi_madt_entry_handler() is not MADT specificLen Brown
2007-02-13ACPI: acpi_table_parse() now returns success/fail, not countLen Brown
2007-02-12ACPI: clean up ACPI_MODULE_NAME() useLen Brown
2007-02-02ACPICA: Remove duplicate table definitions (non-conflicting), contAlexey Starikovskiy
2006-10-14ACPI: Remove unnecessary from/to-void* and to-void casts in drivers/acpiJan Engelhardt
2006-07-01ACPI: remove function tracing macros from drivers/acpi/*.cLen Brown
2006-06-30Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>Jörn Engel
2006-06-27[PATCH] pgdat allocation for new node add (get node id by acpi)Yasunori Goto
2006-06-23[PATCH] Unify pxm_to_node() and node_to_pxm()Yasunori Goto
2005-08-05[ACPI] Lindent all ACPI filesLen Brown
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds