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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-08ACPICA: ACPICA: Fix for _INI regressionTomasz Nowicki
2013-05-08ACPICA: _OSI support: Fix possible memory leakJung-uk Kim
2013-05-08ACPICA: Fix possible buffer overflow during a field unit read operationBob Moore
2013-04-12ACPICA: Add a lock to the internal object reference count mechanismBob Moore
2013-04-12ACPICA: Fix a format string for 64-bit generationBob Moore
2013-04-12ACPICA: Remove FORCE_DELETE option for global reference count mechanismBob Moore
2013-04-12ACPICA: Improve error message for Index() operatorBob Moore
2013-04-12ACPICA: FADT: Remove extraneous warning for very large GPE registersLinn Crosetto
2013-04-12ACPICA: Fix a typo in a function header, no functional changeColin Ian King
2013-04-12ACPICA: Fix a typo in an error messageColin Ian King
2013-04-12ACPICA: Fix for some comments/headersTang Chen
2013-04-12ACPICA: _OSI Support: handle any errors from acpi_os_acquire_mutex()Jung-uk Kim
2013-04-12ACPICA: Predefine names: Add allowed argument types to master info tableBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Object repair: Allow 0-length packages for variable-length packagesBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Disassembler: Add warnings for unresolved control methodsBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Return object repair: Add resource template repairsLv Zheng
2013-03-12ACPICA: Return object repair: Add string-to-unicode conversionLv Zheng
2013-03-12ACPICA: Split object conversion functions to a new fileBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Add mechanism for early object repairs on a per-name basisBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Add exception descriptions to exception info tableBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Regression fix: reinstate safe exit macrosBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Update for ACPI 5 hardware-reduced featureBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Add parens within macros around parameter namesBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Add macros to access pointer to next object in the descriptor listJung-uk Kim
2013-03-12ACPICA: Update error/debug messages for fixed eventsBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Fix a long-standing bug in local cacheJung-uk Kim
2013-03-12ACPICA: Fix a couple warnings detected on FreeBSD buildJung-uk Kim
2013-03-12ACPICA: Resource Mgr: Prevent infinite loops in resource walksBob Moore
2013-01-25ACPICA: Update predefined info table for _MLS methodBob Moore
2013-01-25ACPICA: Remove some extraneous newlines in ACPI_ERROR type callsBob Moore
2013-01-25ACPICA: iASL/Disassembler: Add option to ignore NOOP opcodes/operatorsBob Moore
2013-01-25ACPICA: AcpiGetSleepTypeData: Allow \_Sx to return either 1 or 2 integersBob Moore
2013-01-25ACPICA: Update ACPICA copyrights to 2013Bob Moore
2013-01-25ACPICA: Update predefined info tableLv Zheng
2013-01-11ACPICA: Cleanup table handler naming conflicts.Lv Zheng
2013-01-11ACPICA: Source restructuring: split large files into 8 new files.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: Interpreter: Fix Store() when implicit conversion is not possible.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: Resources: Split interrupt share/wake bits into two fields.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: Resources: Support for ACPI 5 wake bit in ExtendedInterrupt descriptor.Aaron Lu
2013-01-10ACPICA: Interpreter: Add warning if 64-bit constant appears in 32-bit table.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: Update ACPICA initialization messages.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: Namespace: Eliminate dot...dot output during initialization.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: Resource manager: Add support for ACPI 5 wake bit in IRQ descriptor.Aaron Lu
2013-01-10ACPICA: Fix possible memory leak in dispatcher error path.Tim Gardner
2013-01-10ACPICA: Update for non-configured ACPI_IS_DEBUG_ENABLED macro.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: Merge all debug output macros into a single file, acoutput.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: Deploy new ACPI_IS_DEBUG_ENABLED macro in debug output code.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: Eliminate superfluous return_UINT8 and return_UINT32 macros.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: FUNCTION_TRACE macros: Check if debug is enabled up-front.Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: DEBUG_PRINT macros: Update to improve performance.Bob Moore