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2012-02-17Merge branch 'linaro-android-3.3-agreen-rebase' into linaro-androidAndrey Konovalov
2012-02-16arm/dt: vexpress: add basic DT platform matching supportGrant Likely
2012-02-16arm/dt: Add basic device tree support for mx51 and mx53 boardsGrant Likely
2012-02-16arm/dt: Add basic device tree support for smdkv310 boardAndrey Konovalov
2012-02-16arm/dt: omap3 basic device tree board supportGrant Likely
2012-02-16arm/dt: add versatile dtb build rulesShawn Guo
2012-02-16irq_domain/microblaze: Convert microblaze to use irq_domainsGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain/powerpc: Replace custom xlate functions with library functionsGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain/powerpc: constify irq_domain_opsGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain/c6x: Use library of xlate functionsGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain/c6x: constify irq_domain structuresGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain/c6x: Convert c6x to use generic irq_domain support.Mark Salter
2012-02-16irq_domain: constify irq_domain_opsGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain: Remove irq_domain_add_simple()Grant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain: Remove 'new' irq_domain in favour of the ppc oneGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain: Add support for base irq and hwirq in legacy mappingsGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain: Replace irq_alloc_host() with revmap-specific initializersGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain: Move irq_domain code from powerpc to kernel/irqGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain/powerpc: Eliminate virq_is_host()Grant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain/powerpc: eliminate irq_map; use irq_alloc_desc() insteadGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain/powerpc: Use common irq_domain structure instead of irq_hostGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain: convert microblaze from irq_host to irq_domainGrant Likely
2012-02-16irq_domain: Make irq_domain structure match powerpc's irq_hostGrant Likely
2012-02-16Get rid of "ERROR: "omap_bus_sync" undefined!" when building modulesAndrey Konovalov
2012-02-16arm: omap4: Fix omap_barriers_init for generic ioremap changesAndrey Konovalov
2012-02-16ARM: exynos4: Add thermal sensor driver platform device supportAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-02-15defconfigs: Update Android omap4 defconfigJohn Stultz
2012-02-15ARM: exynos: Enable l2 configuration through device treeAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-02-15ARM: exynos: remove useless code to save/restore L2Amit Daniel Kachhap
2012-02-15ARM: exynos: save L2 settings during bootupAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-02-15ARM: s5p: add L2 early resume codeAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-02-15ARM: exynos: Add support AFTR mode on EXYNOS4210Amit Daniel Kachhap
2012-02-14Update Android defconfig for OrigenSachin Kamat
2012-02-14defconfig: Re-add CONFIG_SCHED_MCJohn Stultz
2012-02-14defconfigs: Update android_defconfigs via savedefconfigJohn Stultz
2012-02-14defconfigs: Add android_*_defconfigsJohn Stultz
2012-02-14ARM: Add 'card_present' state to mmc_platfrom_dataDmitry Shmidt
2012-02-14Recreate asm/mach/mmc.h include fileColin Cross
2012-02-14ARM: common: fiq_debugger: dump sysrq directly to console if enabledDima Zavin
2012-02-14ARM: common: fiq_debugger: add irq context debug functionsDima Zavin
2012-02-14ARM: common: fiq_debugger: make uart irq be no_suspendDima Zavin
2012-02-14ARM: common: fiq_debugger: protect the uart state from the sleep timerDima Zavin
2012-02-14ARM: common: fiq_debugger: add suspend/resume handlersDima Zavin
2012-02-14ARM: common: fiq_debugger: add uart_enable/disable platform callbacksDima Zavin
2012-02-14ARM: common: fiq_debugger: add non-fiq debugger supportDima Zavin
2012-02-14ARM: common: fiq_debugger: peek the 0th char in ringbufDima Zavin
2012-02-14ARM: common: fiq_debugger: fix the cleanup on errors in probeDima Zavin
2012-02-14ARM: common: fiq_debugger: do not disable debug when console is enabledDima Zavin
2012-02-14ARM: etm: Power down etm(s) when tracing is not enabled=?UTF-8?q?Arve=20Hj=C3=B8nnev=C3=A5g?=
2012-02-14ARM: etm: Support multiple ETMs/PTMs.=?UTF-8?q?Arve=20Hj=C3=B8nnev=C3=A5g?=