AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-29netfilter: xt_qtaguid: Allow tracking loopbackJP Abgrall
2013-04-29sync: don't log wait timeouts when timeout = 0Erik Gilling
2013-04-29netfilter: xt_qtaguid: extend iface stat to report protocolsJP Abgrall
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Only flush buffers in the chunk heap if they were used cachedRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Refactor the code to zero buffersRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29sync: Fix race condition between merge and signalØrjan Eide
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: fix race on governor start/stopLianwei Wang
2013-04-29netfilter: xt_qtaguid: remove AID_* dependency for access controlJP Abgrall
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Modify zeroing code so it only allocates address space onceRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: fix deadlock on spinlock in timerTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: don't handle transition notification if not enabledTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: init default values at compile timeTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: default go_hispeed_load 99%, doc updatesTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: fix race on timer restart on governor startTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: fix racy timer stoppingTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: fix boosting logicTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: add timer slack to limit idle at speed > minTodd Poynor
2013-04-29hardlockup: detect hard lockups without NMIs using secondary cpusColin Cross
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: specify duration of CPU speed boost pulseTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: adjust load for changes in speedTodd Poynor
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Remove heapmask from clientRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Export ion_client_createJohan Mossberg
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Clarify variable names and comments around heap ids v typesRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Add chunk heapRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Refactor common mapping functions out of system heapRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Switch heap rbtree to a prio listRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Fix bug where MAP ioctl was no longer supportedRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Modify reserve function for carveouts with no start addressRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: remove load since last speed changeTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: allow arbitrary speed / target load mappingsTodd Poynor
2013-04-29gpu: ion: fix compilation warningBenjamin Gaignard
2013-04-29gpu: ion: fix carveout opsBenjamin Gaignard
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Fix bug in zeroing pages in system heapRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: apply above_hispeed_delay to each step above hispeedTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: change speed according to current speed and target loadTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: trace actual speed in target speed decisionsTodd Poynor
2013-04-29android: logger: enforce GID and CAP check on log flushCharndeep Grewal
2013-04-29usb: gadget: accessory: Fix section mismatch (again)Todd Poynor
2013-04-29netfilter: qtaguid: Don't BUG_ON if create_if_tag_stat failsPontus Fuchs
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: kick timer on idle exit past expiryTodd Poynor
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: use deferrable timer by defaultLianwei Wang
2013-04-29cpufreq: interactive: pin timers to associated CPUTodd Poynor
2013-04-29ARM: fiq_debugger: fix uninitialised spin_lock.Mars
2013-04-29ARM: fiq_debugger: lock between tty and console writesColin Cross
2013-04-29sync: add Documentation/sync.txtErik Gilling
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Fix bug in ion_system_heap map_userRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Don't flush allocatoins that come from the page poolsRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29gpu: ion: Clear GFP_WAIT flag on high order allocationsRebecca Schultz Zavin
2013-04-29power: android-battery: Allow changing current in charging stateDanke Xie
2013-04-29sync: add tracepoint supportErik Gilling