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2013-02-14ARM: dts: pl330: Add #dma-cells for generic dma binding supportPadmavathi Venna
2013-02-14DMA: PL330: Register the DMA controller with the generic DMA helpersPadmavathi Venna
2013-02-14DMA: PL330: Add xlate functionPadmavathi Venna
2013-02-14DMA: PL330: Add new pl330 filter for DT case.Padmavathi Venna
2013-02-14dma: tegra20-apb-dma: remove unnecessary assignmentAndy Shevchenko
2013-02-14edma: do not waste memory for dma_maskAndy Shevchenko
2013-02-14dma: coh901318: set residue only if dma is in progressAndy Shevchenko
2013-02-14dma: coh901318: avoid unbalanced lockingAndy Shevchenko
2013-02-14dmaengine.h: remove redundant else keywordAndy Shevchenko
2013-02-14dma: of-dma: protect list write operation by spin_lockAndy Shevchenko
2013-02-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: do not remove descriptors for cyclic transfersFabio Baltieri
2013-02-14dma: of-dma.c: fix memory leakageCong Ding
2013-02-14dw_dmac: apply default dma_mask if neededAndy Shevchenko
2013-02-13dmaengine: ioat - fix spare sparse complainFengguang Wu
2013-02-13dmaengine: move drivers/of/dma.c -> drivers/dma/of-dma.cVinod Koul
2013-02-12ioatdma: fix race between updating ioat->head and IOAT_COMPLETION_PENDINGDave Jiang
2013-02-12dw_dmac: add support for Lynxpoint DMA controllersMika Westerberg
2013-01-28dw_dmac: return proper residue valueAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-28dw_dmac: fill individual length of descriptorAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-28dw_dmac: introduce total_len field in struct dw_descAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-28dw_dmac: remove unnecessary tx_list field in dw_dma_chanAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-28dw_dmac: print out DW_PARAMS and DWC_PARAMS when debugAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-28DMAEngine: sirf: lock the shared registers access in sirfsoc_dma_terminate_allBarry Song
2013-01-28DMAEngine: sirf: add DMA pause/resume supportBarry Song
2013-01-21Merge tag 'ux500-dma40' of //git.linaro.org/people/fabiobaltieri/linux.gitVinod Koul
2013-01-20dw_dmac: move soft LLP code from tasklet to dwc_scan_descriptorsAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-20dw_dmac: don't exceed AHB master number in dwc_get_data_widthAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-20dw_dmac: allocate dma descriptors from DMA_COHERENT memoryAndy Shevchenko
2013-01-20dma: sh/shdma-base.c: remove unnecessary null pointer checkCong Ding
2013-01-20dma: remove unnecessary null pointer check in mmp_pdma.cCong Ding
2013-01-20dma: edma: fix slave config dependency on directionMatt Porter
2013-01-14dmaengine: set_dma40: balance clock in probe fail codeFabio Baltieri
2013-01-14dmaengine: set_dma40: ignore spurious interruptsFabio Baltieri
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: add software lli supportFabio Baltieri
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: minor code readability fixesFabio Baltieri
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: minor cosmetic fixesFabio Baltieri
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: add missing kernel-doc entryFabio Baltieri
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: add a done queue for completed descriptorsFabio Baltieri
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: support more than 128 event linesTong Liu
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: physical channels number correctionGerald Baeza
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: support fixed physical channel allocationGerald Baeza
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: don't allow high priority dest event linesRabin Vincent
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: don't check for pm_runtime_suspended()Narayanan G
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: limit burst size to 16Per Forlin
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: set dma max seg sizePer Forlin
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: use writel_relaxed for lcxaPer Forlin
2013-01-14dmaengine: ste_dma40: reset priority bit for logical channelsNarayanan
2013-01-13pl080.h: moved from arm/include/asm/hardware to include/linux/amba/Alessandro Rubini
2013-01-12dma: dw_dmac: clear suspend bit during terminationHeikki Krogerus
2013-01-12dw_dmac: backlink to dw_dma in dw_dma_chan is superfluousAndy Shevchenko