AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-27hlist: drop the node parameter from iteratorsSasha Levin
2013-02-27kcmp: make it depend on CHECKPOINT_RESTORECyrill Gorcunov
2013-02-27selftests: add a simple docJeremy Kerr
2013-02-27tools/testing/selftests/Makefile: rearrange targetsAndrew Morton
2013-02-27selftests/efivarfs: add create-read testJeremy Kerr
2013-02-27selftests/efivarfs: add empty file creation testJeremy Kerr
2013-02-27selftests: add tests for efivarfsJeremy Kerr
2013-02-27kfifo: fix kfifo_alloc() and kfifo_init()Stefani Seibold
2013-02-27kfifo: move kfifo.c from kernel/ to lib/Stefani Seibold
2013-02-27arch Kconfig: centralise CONFIG_ARCH_NO_VIRT_TO_BUSStephen Rothwell
2013-02-27w1: add support for DS2413 Dual Channel Addressable SwitchMariusz Bialonczyk
2013-02-27memstick: move the dereference below the NULL testWei Yongjun
2013-02-27drivers/pps/clients/pps-gpio.c: use devm_kzallocJulia Lawall
2013-02-27Documentation/DMA-API-HOWTO.txt: fix typoAndrew Morton
2013-02-27include/linux/eventfd.h: fix incorrect filename is a commentMartin Sustrik
2013-02-27mtd: mtd_stresstest: use prandom_bytes()Akinobu Mita
2013-02-27mtd: mtd_subpagetest: convert to use prandom libraryAkinobu Mita
2013-02-27mtd: mtd_speedtest: use prandom_bytesAkinobu Mita
2013-02-27mtd: mtd_pagetest: convert to use prandom libraryAkinobu Mita
2013-02-27mtd: mtd_oobtest: convert to use prandom libraryAkinobu Mita
2013-02-27mtd: mtd_nandecctest: use prandom_bytes instead of get_random_bytes()Akinobu Mita
2013-02-27kernel/utsname.c: fix wrong comment about clone_uts_ns()Yuanhan Liu
2013-02-27nbd: fix sparse warningAlex Elder
2013-02-27nbd: update documentation and link to mailinglistWouter Verhelst
2013-02-27nbd: show read-only state in sysfsPaolo Bonzini
2013-02-27nbd: fsync and kill block device on shutdownPaolo Bonzini
2013-02-27nbd: support FLUSH requestsAlex Bligh
2013-02-27kernel/utsname_sysctl.c: put get/get_uts() into CONFIG_PROC_SYSCTL code blockYuanhan Liu
2013-02-27sysctl: fix null checking in bin_dn_node_address()Xi Wang
2013-02-27block/partitions: optimize memory allocation in check_partition()Ming Lei
2013-02-27block/partitions/mac.c: obey the state->limit constraintMing Lei
2013-02-27block/partitions/efi.c: ensure that the GPT header is at least the size of th...Peter Jones
2013-02-27block/partition/msdos: detect AIX formatted disks even without 55aaPhilippe De Muyter
2013-02-27drivers/char/misc.c:misc_register(): do not loop on misc_list unconditionallyDae S. Kim
2013-02-27ipmi: add options to disable openfirmware and PCI scanningCorey Minyard
2013-02-27ipmi: add new kernel options to prevent automatic ipmi initCorey Minyard
2013-02-27ipmi: remove superfluous kernel/userspace explanationRobert P. J. Day
2013-02-27idr: explain WARN_ON_ONCE() on negative IDs out-of-range IDTejun Heo
2013-02-27idr: implement lookup hintTejun Heo
2013-02-27idr: add idr_layer->prefixTejun Heo
2013-02-27idr: make idr_layer largerTejun Heo
2013-02-27idr: remove length restriction from idr_layer->bitmapTejun Heo
2013-02-27idr: remove MAX_IDR_MASK and move left MAX_IDR_* into idr.cTejun Heo
2013-02-27idr: fix top layer handlingTejun Heo
2013-02-27nfs4client: convert to idr_alloc()Tejun Heo
2013-02-27sctp: convert to idr_alloc()Tejun Heo
2013-02-27mac80211: convert to idr_alloc()Tejun Heo
2013-02-27net/9p: convert to idr_alloc()Tejun Heo
2013-02-27posix-timers: convert to idr_alloc()Tejun Heo
2013-02-27events: convert to idr_alloc()Tejun Heo