AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-06-03libertas: improve function init/shutdown handling for SD8688Bing Zhao
2009-06-03wireless/p54: prepare for FIRMWARE_NAME_MAX removalSamuel Ortiz
2009-06-03iwmc3200wifi: shrink calibration lmac nameSamuel Ortiz
2009-06-03ar9170: cancel led worker properly on exitChristian Lamparter
2009-06-03ar9170usb: more minor fixesChristian Lamparter
2009-06-03ar9170: fix lockdep warning on hibernateChristian Lamparter
2009-06-03ar9170: fix LED power state handlingChristian Lamparter
2009-06-03ar9170: kill duplicated HT feature flagChristian Lamparter
2009-06-03ar9170: use bitop macros for tx filter flagsChristian Lamparter
2009-06-03ar9170: introduce functions for MAC programmingChristian Lamparter
2009-06-03ar9170: 40mhz fixesChristian Lamparter
2009-06-03ar9170: update hardware definitionsChristian Lamparter
2009-06-03ar9170: fix beacon plcp settingsChristian Lamparter
2009-06-03mac80211_hwsim: remove deprecated radio_enabledJohannes Berg
2009-06-03cfg80211: fix for duplicate userspace repliesLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-06-03net: introduce pre-up netdev notifierJohannes Berg
2009-06-03ar9170: add AVM FRITZ devicesLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-06-03ar9170: add support for 1-stage firmwareLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-06-03ath9k: Add sanity check for beacon_int in adhoc/mesh caseJouni Malinen
2009-06-03ath5k: remove conf->beacon_int usageBob Copeland
2009-06-03mac80211: handle -EALREADY on cfg80211 op assoc reqLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-06-03wireless: libertas: fix unaligned accessesCliff Cai
2009-06-03ath9k: Add "debug" file to debugfsJeff Hansen
2009-06-03ath9k: Combine legacy and 11n rc statisticsJeff Hansen
2009-06-03ath9k: Reset SC_OP_TSF_RESET flag after stuck beaconJeff Hansen
2009-06-03cfg80211: disallow interfering with stations on non-AP (part 2)Johannes Berg
2009-06-03mac80211: fix transposed min/max CW valuesJohannes Berg
2009-06-03iwmc3200wifi: fix printk formatRandy Dunlap
2009-06-03iwmc3200wifi: fix fragmentation threshold settingSamuel Ortiz
2009-06-03iwlwifi: avoid build warning in iwl-core.Rami Rosen
2009-06-03cfg80211: use key size constantsJohannes Berg
2009-06-03nl80211: bounce scan request back to userspaceJohannes Berg
2009-06-03cfg80211: validate AID of stations being addedJohannes Berg
2009-06-03rt2x00: Remove last usage of beacon_int from ieee80211_configIvo van Doorn
2009-06-03mac80211: deprecate conf.beacon_int properlyJohannes Berg
2009-06-03libertas: fix WPA adhoc network creationDan Williams
2009-06-03libertas: convert CMD_802_11_ASSOCIATE to a direct commandDan Williams
2009-06-03libertas: convert CMD_802_11_AUTHENTICATE to a direct commandDan Williams
2009-06-03libertas: restyle Marvell & IEEE TLV structure namesDan Williams
2009-06-03libertas: simplify and clean up association/start/join setupDan Williams
2009-06-03iwlwifi: fix otp access initReinette Chatre
2009-06-03iwlwifi: fix merge errorReinette Chatre
2009-06-03rt2x00: Add new rt2800usb USB ID'sIvo van Doorn
2009-06-03net/libertas: make SPI interface big endian awareSebastian Andrzej Siewior
2009-06-03ath5k: avoid leaking mutex in ath5k_configJohn W. Linville
2009-06-03net/ucc_geth: Add SGMII support for UEC GETH driverHaiying Wang
2009-06-03fsl_pq_mido: Set the first UCC as the mii management interface masterHaiying Wang
2009-06-03net/phy/marvell: update m88e1111 support for SGMII modeHaiying Wang
2009-06-03net: skb cleanupEric Dumazet
2009-06-03net: skb->dst accessorsEric Dumazet