AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-11-29ixgbe: Display currently attached PHY through ethtoolPJ Waskiewicz
2009-11-29ethtool: Add Direct Attach support to connector port reportingPJ Waskiewicz
2009-11-29ixgbe: Fix Receive Address Register (RAR) cleaning and accountingShannon Nelson
2009-11-29ixgbe: LINKS2 is not a valid register for 82598Don Skidmore
2009-11-29ixgbe: Disable Flow Control for certain devicesPJ Waskiewicz
2009-11-29ixgbe: handle parameters for tx and rx EITR, no div0Shannon Nelson
2009-11-29X25: Fix oops and refcnt problems from x25_dev_getandrew hendry
2009-11-29X25: Check for errors in x25_initandrew hendry
2009-11-29X25: Move SYSCTL ifdefs into headerandrew hendry
2009-11-29NET: smc91x: convert to dev_pm_opsKevin Hilman
2009-11-29Merge branch 'net-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/vxy/...David S. Miller
2009-11-29sfc: Clean up RX event handlingBen Hutchings
2009-11-28sfc: Move descriptor cache base addresses to struct efx_nic_typeBen Hutchings
2009-11-28sfc: Decouple NIC revision number from Falcon PCI revision numberBen Hutchings
2009-11-28sfc: Remove some redundant whitespaceBen Hutchings
2009-11-28sfc: Remove another unused workaround macroBen Hutchings
2009-11-28sfc: Remove EFX_WORKAROUND_9141 macroMatthew Slattery
2009-11-28sfc: Limit some hardware workarounds to FalconBen Hutchings
2009-11-28sfc: Always start Falcon using the XMACSteve Hodgson
2009-11-28sfc: Replace MDIO spinlock with mutexSteve Hodgson
2009-11-28sfc: QT202x: Reset before reading PHY idSteve Hodgson
2009-11-28sfc: Simplify PHY pollingSteve Hodgson
2009-11-26vlan: support "loose binding" to the underlying network devicePatrick McHardy
2009-11-26sfc: Do not set net_device::trans_start in self-testBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Move inline comment into kernel-docBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Change MAC promiscuity and multicast hash at the same timeBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Simplify XMAC link pollingBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Move Falcon board/PHY/MAC monitoring code to falcon.cBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Split MAC stats DMA initiation and completionBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Hold MAC lock for longer in efx_init_port()Ben Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Only switch Falcon MAC clocks as necessarySteve Hodgson
2009-11-26sfc: Remove unused function efx_flush_queues()Ben Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Fix bugs in RX queue flushingBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Clean up struct falcon_board and struct falcon_board_dataBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Remove unused constantBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Comment correctionsBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Strengthen EFX_ASSERT_RESET_SERIALISEDBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Treat all MAC registers as 128-bitBen Hutchings
2009-11-26sfc: Fix descriptor cache sizesBen Hutchings
2009-11-26macvlan: export macvlan mode through netlinkArnd Bergmann
2009-11-26macvlan: implement bridge, VEPA and private modeArnd Bergmann
2009-11-26macvlan: cleanup rx statisticsArnd Bergmann
2009-11-26veth: move loopback logic to common locationArnd Bergmann
2009-11-26via-velocity: Bump versionSimon Kagstrom
2009-11-26via-velocity: Set tx checksum from ethtool instead of module parameterSimon Kagstrom
2009-11-26via-velocity: Re-enable transmit scatter-gather supportSimon Kagstrom
2009-11-26via-velocity: Change DMA_LENGTH_DEF (from the VIA driver)Simon Kagstrom
2009-11-26via-velocity: Implement NAPI supportSimon Kagstrom
2009-11-26via-velocity: Add ethtool interrupt coalescing supportSimon Kagstrom
2009-11-26via-velocity: Correct 64-byte alignment for rx buffersSimon Kagstrom