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@@ -388,33 +388,11 @@ config AMIGA_PCMCIA
Include support in the kernel for pcmcia on Amiga 1200 and Amiga
600. If you intend to use pcmcia cards say Y; otherwise say N.
-config STRAM_SWAP
- bool "Support for ST-RAM as swap space"
- depends on ATARI && BROKEN
- ---help---
- Some Atari 68k machines (including the 520STF and 1020STE) divide
- their addressable memory into ST and TT sections. The TT section
- (up to 512MB) is the main memory; the ST section (up to 4MB) is
- accessible to the built-in graphics board, runs slower, and is
- present mainly for backward compatibility with older machines.
- This enables support for using (parts of) ST-RAM as swap space,
- instead of as normal system memory. This can first enhance system
- performance if you have lots of alternate RAM (compared to the size
- of ST-RAM), because executable code always will reside in faster
- memory. ST-RAM will remain as ultra-fast swap space. On the other
- hand, it allows much improved dynamic allocations of ST-RAM buffers
- for device driver modules (e.g. floppy, ACSI, SLM printer, DMA
- sound). The probability that such allocations at module load time
- fail is drastically reduced.
bool "ST-RAM statistics in /proc"
depends on ATARI
- Say Y here to report ST-RAM usage statistics in /proc/stram. See
- the help for CONFIG_STRAM_SWAP for discussion of ST-RAM and its
- uses.
+ Say Y here to report ST-RAM usage statistics in /proc/stram.
bool "Use power LED as a heartbeat" if AMIGA || APOLLO || ATARI || MAC ||Q40