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@@ -82,13 +82,6 @@ Valid names are:
/dev/fd : -> 0x0200 (floppy disk)
/dev/xda: -> 0x0c00 (first XT disk, unused in Linux/m68k)
/dev/xdb: -> 0x0c40 (second XT disk, unused in Linux/m68k)
- /dev/ada: -> 0x1c00 (first ACSI device)
- /dev/adb: -> 0x1c10 (second ACSI device)
- /dev/adc: -> 0x1c20 (third ACSI device)
- /dev/add: -> 0x1c30 (forth ACSI device)
-The last four names are available only if the kernel has been compiled
-with Atari and ACSI support.
The name must be followed by a decimal number, that stands for the
partition number. Internally, the value of the number is just
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@@ -146,12 +146,6 @@ at1700.c:
irq = 0
(Probes ports: 0x260, 0x280, 0x2A0, 0x240, 0x340, 0x320, 0x380, 0x300)
- Supports full autoprobing. (m68k/Atari)
- Supports full autoprobing. (m68k/Atari)
Supports full autoprobing. (m68k/Atari)