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errlog - reads contents of device error log until it is empty.
+5. RapidIO Bus Attributes
+RapidIO bus subdirectory /sys/bus/rapidio implements the following bus-specific
+ scan - allows to trigger enumeration discovery process from user space. This
+ is a write-only attribute. To initiate an enumeration or discovery
+ process on specific mport device, a user needs to write mport_ID (not
+ RapidIO destination ID) into this file. The mport_ID is a sequential
+ number (0 ... RIO_MAX_MPORTS) assigned to the mport device.
+ For example, for a machine with a single RapidIO controller, mport_ID
+ for that controller always will be 0.
+ To initiate RapidIO enumeration/discovery on all available mports
+ a user must write '-1' (or RIO_MPORT_ANY) into this attribute file.