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perf annotate: Document missing options.
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@@ -24,12 +24,47 @@ OPTIONS
Input file name. (default: perf.data)
+ Only consider symbols in these dsos.
+ Symbol to annotate.
+ Don't complain, do it.
+ Be more verbose. (Show symbol address, etc)
+ Dump raw trace in ASCII.
+ vmlinux pathname.
+ Load module symbols. WARNING: use only with -k and LIVE kernel.
+ Print matching source lines (may be slow).
+ Don't shorten the displayed pathnames.
--stdio:: Use the stdio interface.
--tui:: Use the TUI interface Use of --tui requires a tty, if one is not
present, as when piping to other commands, the stdio interface is
used. This interfaces starts by centering on the line with more
- samples, TAB/UNTAB cycles thru the lines with more samples.
+ samples, TAB/UNTAB cycles through the lines with more samples.