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Merge tag 'md-3.10' of git://neil.brown.name/md
Pull md fixes from NeilBrown: "A mixed bag of little fixes. No real new functionality here. Several patches are tagged for -stable." * tag 'md-3.10' of git://neil.brown.name/md: MD: ignore discard request for hard disks of hybid raid1/raid10 array md: bad block list should default to disabled. md: raid1/raid10 md devices leak memory when stopping DM RAID: Add message/status support for changing sync action MD: Export 'md_reap_sync_thread' function md: don't update metadata when stopping a read-only array. md: Allow devices to be re-added to a read-only array. md/raid10: Allow skipping recovery when clean arrays are assembled MD: Fix typos in MD documentation md/raid5: avoid an extra write when writing to a known-bad-block. md/raid5: Change or of some order to improve efficiency. md: use set_bit_le and clear_bit_le md: HOT_DISK_REMOVE shouldn't make a read-auto device active. md: use common code for all calls to ->hot_remove_disk() md: never update metadata when array is read-only.
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