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Merge git://git.infradead.org/mtd-2.6
* git://git.infradead.org/mtd-2.6: (57 commits) [MTD] [NAND] subpage read feature as a way to increase performance. CPUFREQ: S3C24XX NAND driver frequency scaling support. [MTD][NAND] au1550nd: remove unused variable [MTD] jedec_probe: Fix SST 16-bit chip detection [MTD][MTDPART] Fix a division by zero bug [MTD][MTDPART] Cleanup and document the erase region handling [MTD][MTDPART] Handle most checkpatch findings [MTD][MTDPART] Seperate main loop from per-partition code in add_mtd_partition [MTD] physmap: resume already suspended chips on failure to suspend [MTD] physmap: Fix suspend/resume/shutdown bugs. [MTD] [NOR] Fix -ETIMEO errors in CFI driver [MTD] [NAND] fsl_elbc_nand: fix section mismatch with CONFIG_MTD_OF_PARTS=y [JFFS2] Use .unlocked_ioctl [MTD] Fix const assignment in the MTD command line partitioning driver [MTD] [NOR] gen_probe: No debug message when debugging is disabled [MTD] [NAND] remove __PPC__ hardcoded address from DiskOnChip drivers [MTD] [MAPS] Remove the bast-flash driver. [MTD] [NAND] fsl_elbc_nand: ecclayout cleanups [MTD] [NAND] fsl_elbc_nand: implement support for flash-based BBT [MTD] [NAND] fsl_elbc_nand: fix OOB workability for large page NAND chips ...
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