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authorAlexander Shiyan <shc_work@mail.ru>2013-04-06 10:13:31 +0400
committerChris Ball <cjb@laptop.org>2013-04-12 14:12:50 -0400
commitabd4190f0c820b7f118450b52bb95c0be3a441bd (patch)
tree53393928a9c3ad160a521f054739a9f28009bc65 /drivers/mmc/host/mxcmmc.c
parent0d3e3350d5871c53464be4c92d57198744247005 (diff)
mmc: mxcmmc: Fix bug when card is present during boot
This patch fixes bug when card is present during boot. Bug was introduced due commit "mmc: mxcmmc: fix bug that may block a data transfer forever". When a card is present "mxcmci_setup_data" function is executed, but the timer is not initialized. ... i.MX SDHC driver mmc0: SD Status: Invalid Allocation Unit size. mmc0: new SD card at address b368 mmcblk0: mmc0:b368 SDC 1.91 GiB ------------[ cut here ]------------ kernel BUG at kernel/timer.c:729! Internal error: Oops - BUG: 0 [#1] PREEMPT ARM CPU: 0 Not tainted (3.9.0-rc5-next-20130404 #2) PC is at mod_timer+0x168/0x198 LR is at mxcmci_request+0x21c/0x328 ... Signed-off-by: Alexander Shiyan <shc_work@mail.ru> Acked-by: Sascha Hauer <s.hauer@pengutronix.de> Signed-off-by: Chris Ball <cjb@laptop.org>
Diffstat (limited to 'drivers/mmc/host/mxcmmc.c')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/mmc/host/mxcmmc.c b/drivers/mmc/host/mxcmmc.c
index a72936eea6f..28e527ebde7 100644
--- a/drivers/mmc/host/mxcmmc.c
+++ b/drivers/mmc/host/mxcmmc.c
@@ -1052,12 +1052,12 @@ static int mxcmci_probe(struct platform_device *pdev)
goto out_free_irq;
- mmc_add_host(mmc);
host->watchdog.function = &mxcmci_watchdog;
host->watchdog.data = (unsigned long)mmc;
+ mmc_add_host(mmc);
return 0;