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Merge branch 'i2c/for-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/wsa/linux
Pull i2c updates from Wolfram Sang: "Highlights: - new drivers for Intel ismt & Broadcom bcm2835 - a number of drivers got support for more variants and mostly got cleaned up on the way (sis630, i801, at91, tegra, designware) - i2c got rid of all *_set_drvdata(..., NULL) on remove/probe failure - removed the i2c_smbus_process_call from the core since there are no users - mxs can now switch between PIO and DMA depending on the message size and the bus speed can now be arbitrary In addition, there is the usual bunch of fixes, cleanups, devm_* conversions, etc" Fixed conflict (and buggy devm_* conversion) in i2c-s3c2410.c * 'i2c/for-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/wsa/linux: (39 commits) i2c: Remove unneeded xxx_set_drvdata(..., NULL) calls i2c: pxa: remove incorrect __exit annotations i2c: ocores: Fix pointer to integer cast warning i2c: tegra: remove warning dump if timeout happen in transfer i2c: fix i2c-ismt.c printk format warning i2c: i801: Add Device IDs for Intel Wellsburg PCH i2c: add bcm2835 driver i2c: ismt: Add Seth and Myself as maintainers i2c: sis630: checkpatch cleanup i2c: sis630: display unsigned hex i2c: sis630: use hex to constants for SMBus commands i2c: sis630: fix behavior after collision i2c: sis630: clear sticky bits i2c: sis630: Add SIS964 support i2c: isch: Add module parameter for backbone clock rate if divider is unset i2c: at91: fix unsed variable warning when building with !CONFIG_OF i2c: Adding support for Intel iSMT SMBus 2.0 host controller i2c: sh_mobile: don't send a stop condition by default inside transfers i2c: sh_mobile: eliminate an open-coded "goto" loop i2c: sh_mobile: fix timeout error handling ...
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menu "EEPROM support"
config EEPROM_AT24
- tristate "I2C EEPROMs from most vendors"
+ tristate "I2C EEPROMs / RAMs / ROMs from most vendors"
depends on I2C && SYSFS
- Enable this driver to get read/write support to most I2C EEPROMs,
- after you configure the driver to know about each EEPROM on
- your target board. Use these generic chip names, instead of
- vendor-specific ones like at24c64 or 24lc02:
+ Enable this driver to get read/write support to most I2C EEPROMs
+ and compatible devices like FRAMs, SRAMs, ROMs etc. After you
+ configure the driver to know about each chip on your target
+ board. Use these generic chip names, instead of vendor-specific
+ ones like at24c64, 24lc02 or fm24c04:
24c00, 24c01, 24c02, spd (readonly 24c02), 24c04, 24c08,
24c16, 24c32, 24c64, 24c128, 24c256, 24c512, 24c1024