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committerJens Axboe <jens.axboe@oracle.com>2009-05-11 09:52:17 +0200
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block: convert to dequeueing model (easy ones)
plat-omap/mailbox, floppy, viocd, mspro_block, i2o_block and mmc/card/queue are already pretty close to dequeueing model and can be converted with simple changes. Convert them. While at it, * xen-blkfront: !fs check moved downwards to share dequeue call with normal path. * mspro_block: __blk_end_request(..., blk_rq_cur_byte()) converted to __blk_end_request_cur() * mmc/card/queue: loop of __blk_end_request() converted to __blk_end_request_all() [ Impact: dequeue in-flight request ] Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <tj@kernel.org> Cc: Rusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au> Cc: Jeremy Fitzhardinge <jeremy@xensource.com> Cc: Stephen Rothwell <sfr@canb.auug.org.au> Cc: Alex Dubov <oakad@yahoo.com> Cc: Markus Lidel <Markus.Lidel@shadowconnect.com> Cc: Pierre Ossman <drzeus@drzeus.cx> Signed-off-by: Jens Axboe <jens.axboe@oracle.com>
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