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android: configs: Initial commit of Android config fragments
- Add 2 files that contain the minimal and recommended kernel config options respectively. - Add a README to explain their purpose and how to use them to generate a device config compatible with Android. Change-Id: I3a4883f3b04d2820e90ceb3c4d02390d6458d6ce Signed-off-by: Rom Lemarchand <romlem@google.com>
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+The files in this directory are meant to be used as a base for an Android
+kernel config. All devices should have the options in android-base.cfg enabled.
+While not mandatory, the options in android-recommended.cfg enable advanced
+Android features.
+Assuming you already have a minimalist defconfig for your device, a possible
+way to enable these options would be:
+ ARCH=<arch> scripts/kconfig/merge_config.sh <path_to>/<device>_defconfig android/configs/android-base.cfg android/configs/android-recommended.cfg
+This will generate a .config that can then be used to save a new defconfig or
+compile a new kernel with Android features enabled.