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Merge branch 'drm-intel-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/anholt/drm-intel
* 'drm-intel-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/anholt/drm-intel: (22 commits) drm/i915: Fix for LVDS VBT change on IGDNG drm/i915: Zap the GTT mapping when transitioning from untiled to tiled. drm/i915: Refactor calls to unmap_mapping_range drm/i915: Avoid saving/restore the modesetting registers twice in KMS mode drm: Disable the unused connectors explicitly when resuming with KMS. drm/i915: Restore the KMS modeset for every activated CRTC drm/i915: Fix harmless warning from patch merged after i2c rework. drm/i915: Disable GEM when a broken video BIOS takes up the whole aperture. drm/i915: Check the LID device to decide whether the LVDS should be initialized drm/i915: Move lock to more reasonable location drm/i915: Add gtt_offset to gem object list debugfs output drm/i915: Remove gtt_bound from drm_i915_gem_object drm/i915: Disable VGA output when doing DRM_MODE_DPMS_OFF. drm/i915: crt fetch EDID by DVI-I converter on G4x platform drm/i915: Don't update display FIFO watermark on IGDNG drm/i915: Adjust DisplayPort clocks to use 96MHz reference drm/i915: Make driver less chatty drm/i915: fix up a raw 64bit divide drm/i915: enable sdvo lvds scaling function. drm/i915: Set SSC frequency for 8xx chips correctly ...
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