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@@ -652,6 +652,25 @@ config TOSHIBA_BT_RFKILL
If you have a modern Toshiba laptop with a Bluetooth and an
RFKill switch (such as the Portege R500), say Y.
+ tristate "Toshiba HDD Active Protection Sensor"
+ depends on ACPI
+ ---help---
+ This driver adds support for the built-in accelerometer
+ found on recent Toshiba laptops equiped with HID TOS620A
+ device.
+ This driver receives ACPI notify events 0x80 when the sensor
+ detects a sudden move or a harsh vibration, as well as an
+ ACPI notify event 0x81 whenever the movement or vibration has
+ been stabilized.
+ Also provides sysfs entries to get/set the desired protection
+ level and reseting the HDD protection interface.
+ If you have a recent Toshiba laptop with a built-in accelerometer
+ device, say Y.
config ACPI_CMPC
tristate "CMPC Laptop Extras"
depends on X86 && ACPI