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Merge tag 'mmc-merge-for-3.6-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/cjb/mmc
Pull MMC updates from Chris Ball: "MMC highlights for 3.6: Core: - Rename cd-gpio to slot-gpio and extend it to support more slot GPIO functions, such as write-protect. - Add a function to get regulators (Vdd and Vccq) for a host. Drivers: - sdhci-pxav2, sdhci-pxav3: Add device tree support. - sdhi: Add device tree support. - sh_mmcif: Add support for regulators, device tree, slot-gpio. - tmio: Add regulator support, use slot-gpio." * tag 'mmc-merge-for-3.6-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/cjb/mmc: (62 commits) mmc: sdhci-dove: Prepare for common clock framework mmc: sdhci-dove: Add SDHCI_QUIRK_NO_HISPD_BIT mmc: omap_hsmmc: ensure probe returns error upon resource failure mmc: mxs-mmc: Add wp-inverted property mmc: esdhc: Fix DMA_MASK to not break mx25 DMA access mmc: core: reset signal voltage on power up mmc: sd: Fix sd current limit setting mmc: omap_hsmmc: add clk_prepare and clk_unprepare mmc: sdhci: When a UHS switch fails, cycle power if regulator is used mmc: atmel-mci: modify CLKDIV displaying in debugfs mmc: atmel-mci: fix incorrect setting of host->data to NULL mmc: sdhci: poll for card even when card is logically unremovable mmc: sdhci: Introduce new flag SDHCI_USING_RETUNING_TIMER mmc: sdio: Change pr_warning to pr_warn_ratelimited mmc: core: Simplify and fix for SD switch processing mmc: sdhci: restore host settings when card is removed mmc: sdhci: fix incorrect command used in tuning mmc: sdhci-pci: CaFe has broken card detection mmc: sdhci: Report failure reasons for all cases in sdhci_add_host() mmc: s3cmci: Convert s3cmci driver to gpiolib API ...
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