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Merge git://www.linux-watchdog.org/linux-watchdog
Pull second set of watchdog updates from Wim Van Sebroeck: "This changeset contains following changes: * Add support for multiple watchdog devices. We use dynamically allocated device id's for this. * Add locking into the generic watchdog infrastructure. * Add support for dynamically allocated watchdog_device structs so that we can deal with devices that get unbound. * convert following drivers to the generic watchdog framework: sch5627, sch5636 and sp805_wdt. * Add DA9052/53 PMIC watchdog support * Fix printk format warnings for iTCO_wdt.c" * git://www.linux-watchdog.org/linux-watchdog: watchdog: iTCO_wdt.c: fix printk format warnings watchdog: sp805_wdt: Add clk_{un}prepare support watchdog: sp805_wdt: convert to watchdog core hwmon/sch56xx: Depend on watchdog for watchdog core functions watchdog: sch56xx-common: set correct bits in register() Watchdog: DA9052/53 PMIC watchdog support watchdog: sch56xx-common: Add proper ref-counting of watchdog data watchdog: sch56xx: Remove unnecessary checks for register changes watchdog: sch56xx: Use watchdog core watchdog: Add support for dynamically allocated watchdog_device structs watchdog: Add Locking support watchdog: watchdog_dev: Rewrite wrapper code watchdog: use dev_ functions watchdog: create all the proper device files watchdog: Add a flag to indicate the watchdog doesn't reboot things watchdog: Add multiple device support watchdog: watchdog_core.h: make functions extern watchdog: correct the name of the watchdog_core inlude file watchdog: Add watchdog_active() routine watchdog: watchdog_dev: include private header to pickup global symbol prototypes
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