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More complete documentation is available in Documentation/ide/ide-tape.txt. Signed-off-by: Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <bzolnier@gmail.com>
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-IDE ATAPI streaming tape driver
-This driver is a part of the Linux ide driver and works in co-operation
-with linux/drivers/block/ide.c.
-The driver, in co-operation with ide.c, basically traverses the
-request-list for the block device interface. The character device
-interface, on the other hand, creates new requests, adds them
-to the request-list of the block device, and waits for their completion.
-Pipelined operation mode is now supported on both reads and writes.
-The block device major and minor numbers are determined from the
-tape's relative position in the ide interfaces, as explained in ide.c.
-The character device interface consists of the following devices:
- ht0 major 37, minor 0 first IDE tape, rewind on close.
- ht1 major 37, minor 1 second IDE tape, rewind on close.
- ...
- nht0 major 37, minor 128 first IDE tape, no rewind on close.
- nht1 major 37, minor 129 second IDE tape, no rewind on close.
- ...
-Run /dev/MAKEDEV to create the above entries.
-The general magnetic tape commands compatible interface, as defined by
-include/linux/mtio.h, is accessible through the character device.
-General ide driver configuration options, such as the interrupt-unmask
-flag, can be configured by issuing an ioctl to the block device interface,
-as any other ide device.
-Our own ide-tape ioctl's can be issued to either the block device or
-the character device interface.
-Maximal throughput with minimal bus load will usually be achieved in the
-following scenario:
- 1. ide-tape is operating in the pipelined operation mode.
- 2. No buffering is performed by the user backup program.
Some Terminology
IDE = Integrated Drive Electronics, meaning that each drive has a built-in