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+libhugetlbfs 2.11 "Ghost Pepper"
+New Features
+* cpupcstat reports time servicing tlb misses when requested
+* When supported by the kernel and glibc, MAP_HUGETLB is used
+ for the heap and to back memory returned by get_huge_pages.
+ These features can now be used without mounting hugetlbfs
+Bug Fixes
+* tlbmiss_cost.sh supresses oprofile errors
+* numerous fixes to setup_helper.py
+* Corrected usage of hugetlbfs_test_feature return value
+* find_mounts now correctly ignores non-hugetlbfs mount points
+* When prefaulting pages for get_huge_pages readv was using the fd
+ for the mapping, this caused the prefault to fail on older libc.
+ Now /dev/zero is used for all prefaulting
libhugetlbfs 2.10 "Another Hottie"
Bug Fixes