10/03/2006 -- libhugetlbfs-1.0 Released

After roughly one year in development, version 1.0 of libhugetlbfs is here.
It can be downloaded from SourceForge or the OzLabs mirror:


After a series of preview releases, we have tested a huge array of the
supported usage scenarios using benchmarks and real HPC applications.
Usability and reliability have greatly improved.  But... due to the
incredible diversity of applications that exist, there is bound to be a few
that will not work correctly.

If using libhugetlbfs makes your application slower:

 * Play around with the different combinations of hugetlb malloc and the
   two different supported link types to see which combination works best.

 * Keep in mind that huge pages are a niche performance tweak and are not
   suitable for every type of application.  They are specifically known to
   hurt performance in certain situations.

If you experience problems:

 * You've already read the HOWTO document, but read through it again.  It
   is full of hints, notes, warnings, and caveats that we have found over
   time.  This is the best starting point for a quick resolution to your

 * Make sure you have enough huge pages allocated.  Even if you think you
   have enough, try increasing it to a number you know you will not use.

 * Set HUGETLB_VERBOSE=99 and HUGETLB_DEBUG=yes.  These options increase
   the verbosity of the library and enable extra checking to help diagnose
   the problem.

If the above steps do not help, send as much information about the problem
(including all libhugetlbfs debug output) to
libhugetlbfs-devel@lists.sourceforge.net and we'll help out as much as we
can.  We will probably ask you to collect things like: straces,
/proc/pid/maps and gdb back traces.