BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
aarch64-supportAdd aarch64_be supportKoen Kooi8 years
aarch64-tosendCleanup ARM ld.hugetlbfs HTLB_LINK logicSteve Capper8 years
masterUpdate NEWS file for 2.16 releaseEric B Munson8 years
nextUpdate NEWS file for 2.16 releaseEric B Munson8 years
aarch64-be-20131122libhugetlbfs-aarch64-be-20131122.tar.gz  Steve Capper7 years
2.16libhugetlbfs-2.16.tar.gz  Eric B Munson8 years
2.15libhugetlbfs-2.15.tar.gz  Eric B Munson8 years
2.14libhugetlbfs-2.14.tar.gz  Eric B Munson9 years
2.13libhugetlbfs-2.13.tar.gz  Eric B Munson9 years
2.12libhugetlbfs-2.12.tar.gz  Eric B Munson10 years
2.11libhugetlbfs-2.11.tar.gz  Eric B Munson10 years
2.10libhugetlbfs-2.10.tar.gz  Eric B Munson11 years
2.9libhugetlbfs-2.9.tar.gz  Eric B Munson11 years
2.8libhugetlbfs-2.8.tar.gz  Eric B Munson11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-03-09Update NEWS file for 2.16 release2.16nextmasterEric B Munson
2013-03-09task-size-overrun: fix problem with dynamic pagetable upgrade on s390xGerald Schaefer
2013-03-03Terminate path with '\0' in find_mounts()Gerald Schaefer
2013-02-23avoid calling munmap with zero lengthJan Stancek
2013-02-23ARM unit test fix.Steve Capper
2013-02-23ARM support.Steve Capper
2012-12-08Update NEWS file for 2.15 release2.15Eric B Munson
2012-12-07RE: [Libhugetlbfs-devel] update for clipped LD_LIBRARY_PATHdaniel.s.kokron@nasa.gov
2012-12-07Revert "exhaust malloc arenas before malloc tests"Eric B Munson
2012-12-07Remove use of sscanf in library setupEric B Munson