BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
aarch64-supportAdd aarch64_be supportKoen Kooi8 years
aarch64-tosendCleanup ARM ld.hugetlbfs HTLB_LINK logicSteve Capper8 years
masterUpdate NEWS file for 2.16 releaseEric B Munson8 years
nextUpdate NEWS file for 2.16 releaseEric B Munson8 years
aarch64-be-20131122libhugetlbfs-aarch64-be-20131122.tar.gz  Steve Capper7 years
2.16libhugetlbfs-2.16.tar.gz  Eric B Munson8 years
2.15libhugetlbfs-2.15.tar.gz  Eric B Munson8 years
2.14libhugetlbfs-2.14.tar.gz  Eric B Munson9 years
2.13libhugetlbfs-2.13.tar.gz  Eric B Munson9 years
2.12libhugetlbfs-2.12.tar.gz  Eric B Munson10 years
2.11libhugetlbfs-2.11.tar.gz  Eric B Munson10 years
2.10libhugetlbfs-2.10.tar.gz  Eric B Munson11 years
2.9libhugetlbfs-2.9.tar.gz  Eric B Munson11 years
2.8libhugetlbfs-2.8.tar.gz  Eric B Munson11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-03-05Update NEWS file for 2.13 release2.13Eric B Munson
2011-12-15Check permissions when selecting mountEric B Munson
2011-12-15Add controls to hugectl for new THP related env variablesEric B Munson
2011-12-15Add support to hugeadm for configuring transparent huge pagesEric B Munson
2011-12-15Add support for THP in morecoreEric B Munson
2011-12-07Replace fixed address shm attachment by an random oneBill Carson
2011-09-08Fix dependecies for Makefile to fix parallel buildMatthew McClintock
2011-05-26Make calls to strcmp in hugetlb_env_setup consistentEric B Munson
2011-04-01Update NEWS file for 2.12 release2.12Eric B Munson
2011-03-30Make mount point names more human readableEric B Munson