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2018-08-01Revert "net/ipv6: fix metrics leak"David S. Miller
2018-08-01rxrpc: Fix user call ID check in rxrpc_service_prealloc_oneYueHaibing
2018-08-01net: dsa: Do not suspend/resume closed slave_devFlorian Fainelli
2018-08-01netlink: Fix spectre v1 gadget in netlink_create()Jeremy Cline
2018-07-31ipv4: frags: handle possible skb truesize changeEric Dumazet
2018-07-31inet: frag: enforce memory limits earlierEric Dumazet
2018-07-30netlink: Don't shift with UB on nlk->ngroupsDmitry Safonov
2018-07-30net/ipv6: fix metrics leakSabrina Dubroca
2018-07-29openvswitch: meter: Fix setting meter id for new entriesJustin Pettit
2018-07-29netlink: Do not subscribe to non-existent groupsDmitry Safonov
2018-07-28tcp_bbr: fix bw probing to raise in-flight data for very small BDPsNeal Cardwell
2018-07-28net: socket: Fix potential spectre v1 gadget in sock_is_registeredJeremy Cline
2018-07-28net: socket: fix potential spectre v1 gadget in socketcallJeremy Cline
2018-07-28Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/bpf/bpfDavid S. Miller
2018-07-28ipv4: remove BUG_ON() from fib_compute_spec_dstLorenzo Bianconi
2018-07-28bpf: use GFP_ATOMIC instead of GFP_KERNEL in bpf_parse_prog()Taehee Yoo
2018-07-28bpf: fix bpf_skb_load_bytes_relative pkt length checkDaniel Borkmann
2018-07-27Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/klasse...David S. Miller
2018-07-27xdp: add NULL pointer check in __xdp_return()Taehee Yoo
2018-07-26RDS: RDMA: Fix the NULL-ptr deref in rds_ib_get_mrAvinash Repaka
2018-07-26net: rollback orig value on failure of dev_qdisc_change_tx_queue_lenTariq Toukan
2018-07-26xsk: fix poll/POLLIN premature returnsBjörn Töpel
2018-07-25net: igmp: make function __ip_mc_inc_group() staticWei Yongjun
2018-07-25tcp: ack immediately when a cwr packet arrivesLawrence Brakmo
2018-07-24ip: in cmsg IP(V6)_ORIGDSTADDR call pskb_may_pullWillem de Bruijn
2018-07-24Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/pablo/nfDavid S. Miller
2018-07-24Merge tag 'mac80211-for-davem-2018-07-24' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/lin...David S. Miller
2018-07-24cfg80211: never ignore user regulatory hintAmar Singhal
2018-07-23sock: fix sg page frag coalescing in sk_alloc_sgDaniel Borkmann
2018-07-24netfilter: nf_tables: move dumper state allocation into ->startFlorian Westphal
2018-07-23tcp: add tcp_ooo_try_coalesce() helperEric Dumazet
2018-07-23tcp: call tcp_drop() from tcp_data_queue_ofo()Eric Dumazet
2018-07-23tcp: detect malicious patterns in tcp_collapse_ofo_queue()Eric Dumazet
2018-07-23tcp: avoid collapses in tcp_prune_queue() if possibleEric Dumazet
2018-07-23tcp: free batches of packets in tcp_prune_ofo_queue()Eric Dumazet
2018-07-23ip: hash fragments consistentlyPaolo Abeni
2018-07-23ipv6: use fib6_info_hold_safe() when necessaryWei Wang
2018-07-22rtnetlink: add rtnl_link_state check in rtnl_configure_linkRoopa Prabhu
2018-07-21multicast: do not restore deleted record source filter mode to new oneHangbin Liu
2018-07-21net: skb_segment() should not return NULLEric Dumazet
2018-07-21net/ipv6: Fix linklocal to global address with VRFDavid Ahern
2018-07-21net: caif: Add a missing rcu_read_unlock() in caif_flow_cbYueHaibing
2018-07-20tls: check RCV_SHUTDOWN in tls_wait_dataDoron Roberts-Kedes
2018-07-20tcp: do not delay ACK in DCTCP upon CE status changeYuchung Cheng
2018-07-20tcp: do not cancel delay-AcK on DCTCP special ACKYuchung Cheng
2018-07-20tcp: helpers to send special DCTCP ackYuchung Cheng
2018-07-20netfilter: conntrack: dccp: treat SYNC/SYNCACK as invalid if no prior stateFlorian Westphal
2018-07-20netfilter: nf_tables: don't allow to rename to already-pending nameFlorian Westphal
2018-07-20netfilter: nf_tables: fix memory leaks on chain renameFlorian Westphal
2018-07-20netfilter: nf_tables: free flow table struct tooFlorian Westphal