path: root/net/tipc/discover.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-07tipc: fix correct setting of message type in second discovererJon Maloy
2018-07-07tipc: correct discovery message handling during address trial periodJon Maloy
2018-03-25tipc: tipc_disc_addr_trial_msg() can be statickbuild test robot
2018-03-23tipc: handle collisions of 32-bit node address hash valuesJon Maloy
2018-03-23tipc: add 128-bit node identifierJon Maloy
2018-03-23tipc: remove direct accesses to own_addr field in struct tipc_netJon Maloy
2018-03-23tipc: allow closest-first lookup algorithm when legacy address is configuredJon Maloy
2018-03-23tipc: remove restrictions on node address valuesJon Maloy
2018-03-23tipc: some cleanups in the file discover.cJon Maloy
2017-11-01net: tipc: Convert timers to use timer_setup()Kees Cook
2017-01-16tipc: allocate user memory with GFP_KERNEL flagParthasarathy Bhuvaragan
2016-06-29tipc: honor msg2addr return valueRichard Alpe
2016-04-07tipc: eliminate buffer leak in bearer layerJon Paul Maloy
2015-11-20tipc: eliminate remnants of hungarian notationJon Paul Maloy
2015-10-24tipc: let neighbor discoverer tranmsit consumable buffersJon Paul Maloy
2015-10-24tipc: introduce capability bit for broadcast synchronizationJon Paul Maloy
2015-07-30tipc: move received discovery data evaluation inside node.cJon Paul Maloy
2015-07-20tipc: move link creation from neighbor discoverer to nodeJon Paul Maloy
2015-07-20tipc: introduce link entry structure to struct tipc_nodeJon Paul Maloy
2015-03-29tipc: involve reference counter for node structureYing Xue
2015-03-14tipc: add framework for node capabilities exchangeJon Paul Maloy
2015-03-05tipc: increase size of tipc discovery messagesErik Hugne
2015-02-05tipc: reduce usage of context info in socket and linkJon Paul Maloy
2015-02-04tipc: eliminate race during node creationJon Paul Maloy
2015-01-12tipc: make tipc random value aware of net namespaceYing Xue
2015-01-12tipc: make tipc node address support net namespaceYing Xue
2015-01-12tipc: make bearer list support net namespaceYing Xue
2015-01-12tipc: make tipc node table aware of net namespaceYing Xue
2015-01-12tipc: involve namespace infrastructureYing Xue
2015-01-12tipc: remove unnecessary wrapper functions of kernel timer APIsYing Xue
2014-05-14tipc: clean up neigbor discovery message receptionJon Paul Maloy
2014-05-14tipc: improve and extend media address conversion functionsJon Paul Maloy
2014-04-27tipc: fix a possible memory leakYing Xue
2014-04-22tipc: fix race in disc create/deleteYing Xue
2014-04-22tipc: decouple the relationship between bearer and linkYing Xue
2014-03-28tipc: make discovery domain a bearer attributeErik Hugne
2014-02-18tipc: align tipc function names with common naming practice in the networkYing Xue
2014-01-07tipc: introduce new spinlock to protect struct link_reqYing Xue
2013-12-09tipc: remove interface state mirroring in bearerErik Hugne
2013-06-17tipc: cosmetic realignment of function argumentsPaul Gortmaker
2013-04-17tipc: move bcast_addr from struct tipc_media to struct tipc_bearerPatrick McHardy
2012-11-21tipc: remove the bearer congestion mechanismYing Xue
2012-07-13tipc: phase out most of the struct print_buf usageErik Hugne
2012-07-13tipc: use standard printk shortcut macros (pr_err etc.)Erik Hugne
2012-04-30tipc: compress out gratuitous extra carriage returnsPaul Gortmaker
2012-02-24tipc: Eliminate trivial buffer manipulation helper routinesAllan Stephens
2012-02-24tipc: Detect duplicate nodes using different network interfacesAllan Stephens
2012-02-24tipc: Introduce node signature field in neighbor discovery messageAllan Stephens
2011-12-29tipc: rename struct link* to struct tipc_link*Paul Gortmaker
2011-12-27tipc: Ignore neighbor discovery messages containing invalid addressAllan Stephens