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2019-08-13hugetlbfs: fix hugetlb page migration/fault race causing SIGBUSMike Kravetz
2019-08-13mm, vmscan: do not special-case slab reclaim when watermarks are boostedMel Gorman
2019-08-13Revert "mm, thp: restore node-local hugepage allocations"Andrea Arcangeli
2019-08-13Revert "Revert "mm, thp: consolidate THP gfp handling into alloc_hugepage_dir...Andrea Arcangeli
2019-08-13mm: workingset: fix vmstat counters for shadow nodesRoman Gushchin
2019-08-13mm/usercopy: use memory range to be accessed for wraparound checkIsaac J. Manjarres
2019-08-13mm: kmemleak: disable early logging in case of errorCatalin Marinas
2019-08-13mm/vmalloc.c: fix percpu free VM area search criteriaKuppuswamy Sathyanarayanan
2019-08-13mm/memcontrol.c: fix use after free in mem_cgroup_iter()Miles Chen
2019-08-13mm/z3fold.c: fix z3fold_destroy_pool() race conditionHenry Burns
2019-08-13mm/z3fold.c: fix z3fold_destroy_pool() orderingHenry Burns
2019-08-13mm: mempolicy: handle vma with unmovable pages mapped correctly in mbindYang Shi
2019-08-13mm: mempolicy: make the behavior consistent when MPOL_MF_MOVE* and MPOL_MF_ST...Yang Shi
2019-08-13mm/hmm: fix bad subpage pointer in try_to_unmap_oneRalph Campbell
2019-08-13mm/hmm: fix ZONE_DEVICE anon page mapping reuseRalph Campbell
2019-08-09mm/memremap: Fix reuse of pgmap instances with internal referencesDan Williams
2019-08-03memremap: move from kernel/ to mm/Christoph Hellwig
2019-08-03mm/memory_hotplug.c: remove unneeded return for void functionWeitao Hou
2019-08-03mm/migrate.c: initialize pud_entry in migrate_vma()Ralph Campbell
2019-08-03mm: compaction: avoid 100% CPU usage during compaction when a task is killedMel Gorman
2019-08-03mm: migrate: fix reference check race between __find_get_block() and migrationJan Kara
2019-08-03mm: vmscan: check if mem cgroup is disabled or not before calling memcg slab ...Yang Shi
2019-08-03Revert "kmemleak: allow to coexist with fault injection"Yang Shi
2019-07-31mm: slub: Fix slab walking for init_on_freeLaura Abbott
2019-07-30Merge tag 'for-linus-hmm' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rd...Linus Torvalds
2019-07-29Merge tag 'for_linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mst/vhostLinus Torvalds
2019-07-25mm/hmm: always return EBUSY for invalid ranges in hmm_range_{fault,snapshot}Christoph Hellwig
2019-07-22balloon: fix up commentsMichael S. Tsirkin
2019-07-22mm/balloon_compaction: avoid duplicate page removalWei Wang
2019-07-22mm/vmalloc: Sync unmappings in __purge_vmap_area_lazy()Joerg Roedel
2019-07-19Merge branch 'work.mount0' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/v...Linus Torvalds
2019-07-19Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)Linus Torvalds
2019-07-18mm: migrate: remove unused mode argumentKeith Busch
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: cleanup 'section number' data typesDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: support sub-section hotplugDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: prepare for sub-section rangesDan Williams
2019-07-18mm: kill is_dev_zone() helperDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/hotplug: kill is_dev_zone() usage in __remove_pages()Dan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: convert kmalloc_section_memmap() to populate_section_memmap()Dan Williams
2019-07-18mm/hotplug: prepare shrink_{zone, pgdat}_span for sub-section removalDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: add helpers track active portions of a section at bootDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: introduce a SECTION_IS_EARLY flagDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: introduce struct mem_section_usageDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/memory_hotplug: move and simplify walk_memory_blocks()David Hildenbrand
2019-07-18mm/memory_hotplug: rename walk_memory_range() and pass start+size instead of ...David Hildenbrand
2019-07-18mm: section numbers use the type "unsigned long"David Hildenbrand
2019-07-18mm: thp: fix false negative of shmem vma's THP eligibilityYang Shi
2019-07-18mm: thp: make transhuge_vma_suitable available for anonymous THPYang Shi
2019-07-18mm/sparse.c: set section nid for hot-add memoryWei Yang
2019-07-18mm/memory_hotplug: remove "zone" parameter from sparse_remove_one_sectionDavid Hildenbrand