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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-08PM / s2idle: Clear the events_check_enabled flagRajat Jain
2017-09-29PM / s2idle: Invoke the ->wake() platform callback earlierRafael J. Wysocki
2017-08-11PM / s2idle: Rename platform operations structureRafael J. Wysocki
2017-08-11PM / s2idle: Rename freeze_state enum and related itemsRafael J. Wysocki
2017-08-11PM / s2idle: Rename PM_SUSPEND_FREEZE to PM_SUSPEND_TO_IDLERafael J. Wysocki
2017-08-05ACPI / PM: Prefer suspend-to-idle over S3 on some systemsRafael J. Wysocki
2017-07-24PM / suspend: Define pr_fmt() in suspend.cRafael J. Wysocki
2017-07-24PM / suspend: Use mem_sleep_labels[] strings in messagesRafael J. Wysocki
2017-07-24PM / sleep: Check pm_wakeup_pending() in __device_suspend_noirq()Rafael J. Wysocki
2017-07-24PM / s2idle: Rearrange the main suspend-to-idle loopRafael J. Wysocki
2017-07-22PM / sleep: Mark suspend/hibernation start and finishRafael J. Wysocki
2017-07-22PM / sleep: Do not print debug messages by defaultRafael J. Wysocki
2017-07-22PM / suspend: Export pm_suspend_target_stateFlorian Fainelli
2017-06-15ACPI / PM: Ignore spurious SCI wakeups from suspend-to-idleRafael J. Wysocki
2017-06-07Revert "ACPI / sleep: Ignore spurious SCI wakeups from suspend-to-idle"Rafael J. Wysocki
2017-05-05ACPI / sleep: Ignore spurious SCI wakeups from suspend-to-idleRafael J. Wysocki
2017-01-20Revert "PM / sleep / ACPI: Use the ACPI_FADT_LOW_POWER_S0 flag"Rafael J. Wysocki
2016-11-21PM / sleep / ACPI: Use the ACPI_FADT_LOW_POWER_S0 flagRafael J. Wysocki
2016-11-21PM / sleep: System sleep state selection interface reworkRafael J. Wysocki
2016-10-24PM / suspend: Fix missing KERN_CONT for suspend messageJon Hunter
2016-09-13PM / sleep: enable suspend-to-idle even without registered suspend_opsSudeep Holla
2016-06-28PM / sleep: make PM notifiers called symmetricallyLianwei Wang
2016-03-22kernel/...: convert pr_warning to pr_warnJoe Perches
2016-02-11PM / suspend: replacing printksaurabh
2015-10-14PM / sleep: Add flags to indicate platform firmware involvementRafael J. Wysocki
2015-07-31PM / suspend: make sync() on suspend-to-RAM build-time optionalLen Brown
2015-05-19PM / sleep: Return -EBUSY from suspend_enter() on wakeup detectionRuchi Kandoi
2015-05-12PM / sleep: Refine diagnostic messages in enter_state()Rafael J. Wysocki
2015-02-26PM / sleep: add configurable delay for pm_testBrian Norris
2015-02-13PM / sleep: Re-implement suspend-to-idle handlingRafael J. Wysocki
2014-11-08PM / sleep: Fix entering suspend-to-IDLE if no freeze_oops is setDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2014-09-30ACPI / sleep: Rework the handling of ACPI GPE wakeup from suspend-to-idleRafael J. Wysocki
2014-09-30PM / sleep: Rename platform suspend/resume functions in suspend.cRafael J. Wysocki
2014-09-30PM / sleep: Export dpm_suspend_late/noirq() and dpm_resume_early/noirq()Rafael J. Wysocki
2014-09-22PM / sleep: new suspend_resume trace event for console resumeTodd E Brandt
2014-09-03PM / sleep: Fix test_suspend= command line optionRafael J. Wysocki
2014-08-06Merge tag 'pm+acpi-3.17-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds
2014-08-04Merge tag 'trace-3.17' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/roste...Linus Torvalds
2014-07-23PM / sleep: Move platform suspend operations to separate functionsRafael J. Wysocki
2014-07-21PM / sleep: Simplify sleep states sysfs interface codeRafael J. Wysocki
2014-07-17PM / Sleep: Remove ftrace_stop/start() from suspend and hibernateSteven Rostedt (Red Hat)
2014-07-15PM / sleep: fix freeze_ops NULL pointer dereferencesZhang Rui
2014-06-07PM / sleep: trace events for suspend/resumeTodd E Brandt
2014-06-07Merge branch 'acpi-pm' into pm-sleepRafael J. Wysocki
2014-05-26PM / sleep: Introduce command line argument for sleep state enumerationRafael J. Wysocki
2014-05-26PM / sleep: Use valid_state() for platform-dependent sleep states onlyRafael J. Wysocki
2014-05-26PM / sleep: Add state field to pm_states[] entriesRafael J. Wysocki
2014-05-20Merge branch 'pm-sleep' into acpi-pmRafael J. Wysocki
2014-05-16ACPI / PM: Hold ACPI scan lock over the "freeze" sleep stateRafael J. Wysocki
2014-05-07PM / suspend: Always use deepest C-state in the "freeze" sleep stateRafael J. Wysocki