path: root/include/asm-generic/tlb.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-23mm: mmu_notifier fix for tlb_end_vmaNicholas Piggin
2018-08-22x86/mm/tlb: Revert the recent lazy TLB patchesPeter Zijlstra
2018-07-17x86/mm/tlb: Leave lazy TLB mode at page table free timeRik van Riel
2018-07-14mm: allow arch to supply p??_free_tlb functionsNicholas Piggin
2017-08-10mm: fix MADV_[FREE|DONTNEED] TLB flush miss problemMinchan Kim
2017-08-10mm: refactor TLB gathering APIMinchan Kim
2017-03-09asm-generic: introduce <asm-generic/pgtable-nop4d.h>Kirill A. Shutemov
2017-02-24mm, x86: add support for PUD-sized transparent hugepagesMatthew Wilcox
2016-12-12mm: remove the page size change check in tlb_remove_pageAneesh Kumar K.V
2016-12-12mm: add tlb_remove_check_page_size_change to track page size changeAneesh Kumar K.V
2016-12-12mm/hugetlb: add tlb_remove_hugetlb_entry for handling hugetlb pagesAneesh Kumar K.V
2016-12-12mm: update mmu_gather range correctlyAneesh Kumar K.V
2016-07-26mm/mmu_gather: track page size with mmu gather and force flush if page size c...Aneesh Kumar K.V
2016-07-26mm: change the interface for __tlb_remove_page()Aneesh Kumar K.V
2015-11-23treewide: Remove old email addressPeter Zijlstra
2015-01-13mm: mmu_gather: use tlb->end != 0 only for TLB invalidationWill Deacon
2014-11-17mmu_gather: move minimal range calculations into generic codeWill Deacon
2013-08-16Fix TLB gather virtual address range invalidation corner casesLinus Torvalds
2013-06-06arch, mm: Remove tlb_fast_mode()Peter Zijlstra
2013-04-12x86-32: Fix possible incomplete TLB invalidate with PAE pagetablesDave Hansen
2013-01-04mm: limit mmu_gather batching to fix soft lockups on !CONFIG_PREEMPTMichal Hocko
2012-06-27mm/mmu_gather: enable tlb flush range in generic mmu_gatherAlex Shi
2012-06-27x86/tlb: add tlb_flushall_shift for specific CPUAlex Shi
2012-01-12thp: add tlb_remove_pmd_tlb_entryShaohua Li
2011-05-25mm: uninline large generic tlb.h functionsPeter Zijlstra
2011-05-25mm: extended batches for generic mmu_gatherPeter Zijlstra
2011-05-25mm, powerpc: move the RCU page-table freeing into generic codePeter Zijlstra
2011-05-25mm: mmu_gather reworkPeter Zijlstra
2009-07-27mm: Pass virtual address to [__]p{te,ud,md}_free_tlb()Benjamin Herrenschmidt
2008-02-04asm-generic/tlb.h: remove <linux/quicklist.h>H. Peter Anvin
2008-01-31asm-generic/tlb.h: build fixIngo Molnar
2008-01-30x86: demacro asm-x86/pgalloc_32.hJeremy Fitzhardinge
2007-12-26Revert quicklist need->flush fixChristoph Lameter
2007-12-17quicklist: Set tlb->need_flush if pages are remaining in quicklist 0Christoph Lameter
2006-10-03fix file specification in commentsUwe Zeisberger
2006-04-26Don't include linux/config.h from anywhere else in include/David Woodhouse
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: tlb_finish_mmu forget rssHugh Dickins
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: tlb_is_full_mm was obscureHugh Dickins
2005-10-29[PATCH] mm: tlb_gather_mmu get_cpu_varHugh Dickins
2005-09-12[PATCH] x86-64: Increase TLB flush array sizeAndi Kleen
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds