path: root/fs/jfs/super.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-04jfs: Fix usercopy whitelist for inline inode dataKees Cook
2018-01-15jfs: Define usercopy region in jfs_ip slab cacheDavid Windsor
2017-11-27Rename superblock flags (MS_xyz -> SB_xyz)Linus Torvalds
2017-10-30jfs: remove increment of i_version counterJeff Layton
2017-09-14Merge branch 'work.mount' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/vi...Linus Torvalds
2017-08-31jfs should use MAX_LFS_FILESIZE when calculating s_maxbytesDave Kleikamp
2017-07-25Merge tag 'jfs-4.13' of git://github.com/kleikamp/linux-shaggyLinus Torvalds
2017-07-17VFS: Convert sb->s_flags & MS_RDONLY to sb_rdonly(sb)David Howells
2017-04-19jfs: Set flags on quota files directlyJan Kara
2017-02-27fs: add i_blocksize()Fabian Frederick
2017-02-09jfs: atomically read inode sizeFabian Frederick
2016-12-24Replace <asm/uaccess.h> with <linux/uaccess.h> globallyLinus Torvalds
2016-09-27fs: Replace CURRENT_TIME with current_time() for inode timestampsDeepa Dinamani
2016-05-17Merge tag 'jfs-4.7' of git://github.com/kleikamp/linux-shaggyLinus Torvalds
2016-04-04mm, fs: get rid of PAGE_CACHE_* and page_cache_{get,release} macrosKirill A. Shutemov
2016-03-30jfs: Remove terminating newlines from jfs_info, jfs_warn, jfs_err usesJoe Perches
2016-01-22wrappers for ->i_mutex accessAl Viro
2016-01-14kmemcg: account certain kmem allocations to memcgVladimir Davydov
2015-11-09fs/jfs: remove unnecessary new_valid_dev() checksYaowei Bai
2015-03-12jfs: %pf is only for function pointersScott Wood
2015-02-02jfs: Deletion of an unnecessary check before the function call "unload_nls"Markus Elfring
2014-11-10jfs: Convert to private i_dquot fieldJan Kara
2014-10-09jfs: don't hash direct inodeAl Viro
2014-06-03fs/jfs/super.c: convert simple_str to kstrFabian Frederick
2014-06-03fs/jfs/super.c: remove 0 assignment to static + code clean-upFabian Frederick
2014-03-13fs: push sync_filesystem() down to the file system's remount_fs()Theodore Ts'o
2014-01-25jfs: use generic posix ACL infrastructureChristoph Hellwig
2013-06-05jfs: Update jfs_errorJoe Perches
2013-05-24jfs: Several bugs in jfs_freeze() and jfs_unfreeze()Vahram Martirosyan
2013-03-03fs: Limit sys_mount to only request filesystem modules.Eric W. Biederman
2013-01-17fs/jfs: Fix typo in comment : 'how may' -> 'how many'Philippe De Muyter
2012-10-03Merge tag 'jfs-3.7' of git://github.com/kleikamp/linux-shaggyLinus Torvalds
2012-10-02Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/vir...Linus Torvalds
2012-10-02fs: push rcu_barrier() from deactivate_locked_super() to filesystemsKirill A. Shutemov
2012-09-21userns: Convert jfs to use kuid/kgid where appropriateEric W. Biederman
2012-09-17fs/jfs: TRIM support for JFS FilesystemTino Reichardt
2012-07-22quota: Move quota syncing to ->sync_fs methodJan Kara
2012-03-20jfs: mising cleanup on register_filesystem() failureAl Viro
2012-03-20switch open-coded instances of d_make_root() to new helperAl Viro
2012-03-20vfs: check i_nlink limits in vfs_{mkdir,rename_dir,link}Al Viro
2012-01-06vfs: switch ->show_options() to struct dentry *Al Viro
2012-01-03vfs: fix the stupidity with i_dentry in inode destructorsAl Viro
2011-11-02jfs: remove unnecessary nlink settingMiklos Szeredi
2011-03-31Fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi
2011-01-12switch jfs to ->s_d_op, close exportfs racesAl Viro
2011-01-07fs: dcache reduce branches in lookup pathNick Piggin
2011-01-07fs: icache RCU free inodesNick Piggin
2010-10-29new helper: mount_bdev()Al Viro
2010-10-04BKL: Remove BKL from JFSJan Blunck
2010-10-04BKL: Explicitly add BKL around get_sb/fill_superJan Blunck