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2020-02-01media: i2c: vision: Change format for Ultra96vision-mezManivannan Sadhasivam
2020-01-06Add multi camera support for vision boardManivannan Sadhasivam
2019-12-16[WIP] Initial support for Vision MezzanineManivannan Sadhasivam
2019-01-29Merge tag 'v4.14.96' into release/qcomlt-4.14Aníbal Limón
2019-01-26media: venus: core: Set dma maximum segment sizeVivek Gautam
2019-01-26media: firewire: Fix app_info parameter type in avc_ca{,_app}_infoNathan Chancellor
2019-01-23media: vb2: be sure to unlock mutex on errorsMauro Carvalho Chehab
2019-01-23media: vb2: vb2_mmap: move lock upHans Verkuil
2019-01-23media: vivid: set min width/height to a value > 0Hans Verkuil
2019-01-23media: vivid: fix error handling of kthread_runHans Verkuil
2019-01-23media: v4l: ioctl: Validate num_planes for debug messagesSakari Ailus
2019-01-23media: em28xx: Fix misplaced reset of dev->v4l::field_countBen Hutchings
2019-01-19venus: enc: fix enum_frameintervalsStanimir Varbanov
2019-01-09media: v4l2-tpg: array index could become negativeHans Verkuil
2019-01-09media: vivid: free bitmap_cap when updating std/timings/etc.Hans Verkuil
2018-12-18Merge tag 'v4.14.89' into release/qcomlt-4.14Aníbal Limón
2018-12-13media: omap3isp: Unregister media device as firstSakari Ailus
2018-12-11Merge tag 'v4.14.87' into release/qcomlt-4.14Aníbal Limón
2018-12-05media: em28xx: Fix use-after-free when disconnectingMatthias Schwarzott
2018-12-05Merge tag 'v4.14.85' into release/qcomlt-4.14Aníbal Limón
2018-11-27media: v4l: event: Add subscription to list before calling "add" operationSakari Ailus
2018-11-23Merge tag 'v4.14.82' into release/qcomlt-4.14Aníbal Limón
2018-11-21media: ov7670: make "xclk" clock optionalLubomir Rintel
2018-11-21media: tvp5150: fix width alignment during set_selection()Marco Felsch
2018-11-21media: coda: don't overwrite h.264 profile_idc on decoder instanceLucas Stach
2018-11-21media: pci: cx23885: handle adding to list failureNicholas Mc Guire
2018-11-13media: em28xx: make v4l2-compliance happier by starting sequence on zeroMauro Carvalho Chehab
2018-11-13media: em28xx: fix input name for Terratec AV 350Mauro Carvalho Chehab
2018-11-13media: tvp5150: avoid going past array on v4l2_querymenu()Mauro Carvalho Chehab
2018-11-13media: em28xx: use a default format if TRY_FMT failsMauro Carvalho Chehab
2018-11-13media: v4l2-tpg: fix kernel oops when enabling HFLIP and OSDHans Verkuil
2018-11-04media: uvcvideo: Fix driver reference countingPhilipp Zabel
2018-10-20media: af9035: prevent buffer overflow on writeJozef Balga
2018-10-03media: v4l: event: Prevent freeing event subscriptions while accessedSakari Ailus
2018-10-03media: uvcvideo: Support realtek's UVC 1.5 deviceming_qian
2018-10-03media: tm6000: add error handling for dvb_register_adapterZhouyang Jia
2018-10-03media: omap3isp: zero-initialize the isp cam_xclk{a,b} initial dataJavier Martinez Canillas
2018-10-03media: soc_camera: ov772x: correct setting of banding filterAkinobu Mita
2018-10-03media: s3c-camif: ignore -ENOIOCTLCMD from v4l2_subdev_call for s_powerAkinobu Mita
2018-10-03media: fsl-viu: fix error handling in viu_of_probe()Alexey Khoroshilov
2018-10-03media: exynos4-is: Prevent NULL pointer dereference in __isp_video_try_fmt()Sylwester Nawrocki
2018-09-26media: ov5645: Supported external clock is 24MHzTodor Tomov
2018-09-26media: videobuf2-core: check for q->error in vb2_core_qbuf()Hans Verkuil
2018-09-26media: tw686x: Fix oops on buffer alloc failureKrzysztof Ha?asa
2018-09-19media: helene: fix xtal frequency setting at power onKatsuhiro Suzuki
2018-09-19media: s5p-mfc: Fix buffer look up in s5p_mfc_handle_frame_{new, copy_time} f...Sylwester Nawrocki
2018-09-19media: camss: csid: Configure data type and decode format properlyTodor Tomov
2018-09-19media: dw2102: Fix memleak on sequence of probesAnton Vasilyev
2018-09-19media: davinci: vpif_display: Mix memory leak on probe error pathAnton Vasilyev
2018-09-13Merge tag 'v4.14.69' into release/qcomlt-4.14Nicolas Dechesne