path: root/arch/x86/mm/pti.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-14Merge branch 'l1tf-final' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ti...Linus Torvalds
2018-08-10x86/mm/pti: Move user W+X check into pti_finalize()Joerg Roedel
2018-08-07x86/mm/pti: Clone kernel-image on PTE level for 32 bitJoerg Roedel
2018-08-07x86/mm/pti: Don't clear permissions in pti_clone_pmd()Joerg Roedel
2018-08-07x86/mm/pti: Fix 32 bit PCID checkJoerg Roedel
2018-08-06Merge branch 'x86/pti-urgent' into x86/ptiThomas Gleixner
2018-08-05x86/mm/pti: Clear Global bit more aggressivelyDave Hansen
2018-08-05x86: Don't include linux/irq.h from asm/hardirq.hNicolai Stange
2018-07-20x86/pti: Check the return value of pti_user_pagetable_walk_pmd()Jiang Biao
2018-07-20x86/pti: Check the return value of pti_user_pagetable_walk_p4d()Jiang Biao
2018-07-20x86/mm/pti: Add Warning when booting on a PCID capable CPUJoerg Roedel
2018-07-20x86/mm/pti: Clone entry-text again in pti_finalize()Joerg Roedel
2018-07-20x86/mm/pti: Introduce pti_finalize()Joerg Roedel
2018-07-20x86/mm/pti: Keep permissions when cloning kernel text in pti_clone_kernel_text()Joerg Roedel
2018-07-20x86/mm/pti: Make pti_clone_kernel_text() compile on 32 bitJoerg Roedel
2018-07-20x86/mm/pti: Clone CPU_ENTRY_AREA on PMD level on x86_32Joerg Roedel
2018-07-20x86/mm/pti: Add an overflow check to pti_clone_pmds()Joerg Roedel
2018-07-20x86/pgtable: Rename pti_set_user_pgd() to pti_set_user_pgtbl()Joerg Roedel
2018-07-16x86/pti: Make pti_set_kernel_image_nonglobal() staticJiang Biao
2018-04-25x86/pti: Disallow global kernel text with RANDSTRUCTDave Hansen
2018-04-25x86/pti: Reduce amount of kernel text allowed to be GlobalDave Hansen
2018-04-12x86/pti: Leave kernel text global for !PCIDDave Hansen
2018-04-12x86/pti: Never implicitly clear _PAGE_GLOBAL for kernel imageDave Hansen
2018-04-12x86/pti: Enable global pages for shared areasDave Hansen
2018-03-08x86/pti: Fix a comment typoSeunghun Han
2018-01-08x86/mm/pti: Remove dead logic in pti_user_pagetable_walk*()Jike Song
2018-01-05x86/pti: Rename BUG_CPU_INSECURE to BUG_CPU_MELTDOWNThomas Gleixner
2018-01-03x86/pti: Make sure the user/kernel PTEs matchThomas Gleixner
2017-12-23x86/pti: Map the vsyscall page if neededAndy Lutomirski
2017-12-23x86/mm/pti: Map ESPFIX into user spaceAndy Lutomirski
2017-12-23x86/mm/pti: Share entry text PMDThomas Gleixner
2017-12-23x86/mm/pti: Share cpu_entry_area with user space page tablesAndy Lutomirski
2017-12-23x86/mm/pti: Add functions to clone kernel PMDsAndy Lutomirski
2017-12-23x86/mm/pti: Add mapping helper functionsDave Hansen
2017-12-23x86/pti: Add the pti= cmdline option and documentationBorislav Petkov
2017-12-23x86/mm/pti: Add infrastructure for page table isolationThomas Gleixner