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@@ -259,20 +259,6 @@ config APM_EMULATION
anything, try disabling/enabling this option (or disabling/enabling
APM in your BIOS).
-config PM_OPP
- bool
- select SRCU
- ---help---
- SOCs have a standard set of tuples consisting of frequency and
- voltage pairs that the device will support per voltage domain. This
- is called Operating Performance Point or OPP. The actual definitions
- of OPP varies over silicon within the same family of devices.
- OPP layer organizes the data internally using device pointers
- representing individual voltage domains and provides SOC
- implementations a ready to use framework to manage OPPs.
- For more information, read <file:Documentation/power/opp.txt>
config PM_CLK
def_bool y
depends on PM && HAVE_CLK