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@@ -980,6 +980,20 @@ positive value from pci_pm_prepare() if the ->prepare callback provided by the
driver of the device returns a positive value. That allows the driver to opt
out from using the direct-complete mechanism dynamically.
+The DPM_FLAG_SMART_SUSPEND flag tells the PCI bus type that from the driver's
+perspective the device can be safely left in runtime suspend during system
+suspend. That causes pci_pm_suspend(), pci_pm_freeze() and pci_pm_poweroff()
+to skip resuming the device from runtime suspend unless there are PCI-specific
+reasons for doing that. Also, it causes pci_pm_suspend_late/noirq(),
+pci_pm_freeze_late/noirq() and pci_pm_poweroff_late/noirq() to return early
+if the device remains in runtime suspend in the beginning of the "late" phase
+of the system-wide transition under way. Moreover, if the device is in
+runtime suspend in pci_pm_resume_noirq() or pci_pm_restore_noirq(), its runtime
+power management status will be changed to "active" (as it is going to be put
+into D0 going forward), but if it is in runtime suspend in pci_pm_thaw_noirq(),
+the function will set the power.direct_complete flag for it (to make the PM core
+skip the subsequent "thaw" callbacks for it) and return.
3.2. Device Runtime Power Management
In addition to providing device power management callbacks PCI device drivers