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Merge tag 'docs-4.15-fixes' of git://git.lwn.net/linux
Pull documentation fixes from Jonathan Corbet: "A handful of documentation fixes. The most significant of these addresses a problem with the new warning mode: it can break the build when confronted with a source file containing malformed kerneldoc comments" * tag 'docs-4.15-fixes' of git://git.lwn.net/linux: Documentation: fix docs build error after source file removed scsi: documentation: Fix case of 'scsi_device' struct mention(s) genericirq.rst: Remove :c:func:`...` in code blocks dmaengine: doc : Fix warning "Title underline too short" while make xmldocs scripts/kernel-doc: Don't fail with status != 0 if error encountered with -none
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diff --git a/scripts/kernel-doc b/scripts/kernel-doc
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--- a/scripts/kernel-doc
+++ b/scripts/kernel-doc
@@ -3248,4 +3248,4 @@ if ($verbose && $warnings) {
print STDERR "$warnings warnings\n";
+exit($output_mode eq "none" ? 0 : $errors);