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authorBjørn Forsman <bjorn.forsman@gmail.com>2017-06-24 16:48:10 +0200
committerMasahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>2017-07-03 08:02:09 +0900
commit9e6e0d5f2a2713402cf9dce69b9f9b516e4185d2 (patch)
tree973967a31fa945bba709b7e03ca2d2729085edcb /scripts
parentadcc3f7cee29eb831f79f4ac7ba6a0fbce7ac936 (diff)
kbuild: create deterministic initramfs directory listings
kbuild runs "find" on each entry in CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE that is a directory. The order of the file listing output by "find" matter for build reproducability, hence this patch applies "sort" to get deterministic results. Without this patch, two different machines with identical initramfs directory input may produce differing initramfs cpio archives (different hash) due to the different order of the files within the archive. Signed-off-by: Bjørn Forsman <bjorn.forsman@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
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diff --git a/scripts/gen_initramfs_list.sh b/scripts/gen_initramfs_list.sh
index 0055b07b03b6..72f094585cca 100755
--- a/scripts/gen_initramfs_list.sh
+++ b/scripts/gen_initramfs_list.sh
@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ dir_filelist() {
${dep_list}header "$1"
srcdir=$(echo "$1" | sed -e 's://*:/:g')
- dirlist=$(find "${srcdir}" -printf "%p %m %U %G\n")
+ dirlist=$(find "${srcdir}" -printf "%p %m %U %G\n" | sort)
# If $dirlist is only one line, then the directory is empty
if [ "$(echo "${dirlist}" | wc -l)" -gt 1 ]; then