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authorRonnie Sahlberg <lsahlber@redhat.com>2018-08-22 12:19:24 +1000
committerSteve French <stfrench@microsoft.com>2018-08-23 15:10:46 -0500
commite6c47dd0da1e3a484e778046fc10da0b20606a86 (patch)
treed31ac49b712f9e4b350d7b369b0837a2bda8f926 /fs
parent4d8dfafc5cb88fe294a9273a3ef75dd4f9fa1aa2 (diff)
cifs: check if SMB2 PDU size has been padded and suppress the warning
Some SMB2/3 servers, Win2016 but possibly others too, adds padding not only between PDUs in a compound but also to the final PDU. This padding extends the PDU to a multiple of 8 bytes. Check if the unexpected length looks like this might be the case and avoid triggering the log messages for : "SMB2 server sent bad RFC1001 len %d not %d\n" Signed-off-by: Ronnie Sahlberg <lsahlber@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Steve French <stfrench@microsoft.com>
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diff --git a/fs/cifs/smb2misc.c b/fs/cifs/smb2misc.c
index 303d4592ebe7..db0453660ff6 100644
--- a/fs/cifs/smb2misc.c
+++ b/fs/cifs/smb2misc.c
@@ -238,6 +238,13 @@ smb2_check_message(char *buf, unsigned int len, struct TCP_Server_Info *srvr)
return 0;
+ * Some windows servers (win2016) will pad also the final
+ * PDU in a compound to 8 bytes.
+ */
+ if (((clc_len + 7) & ~7) == len)
+ return 0;
+ /*
* MacOS server pads after SMB2.1 write response with 3 bytes
* of junk. Other servers match RFC1001 len to actual
* SMB2/SMB3 frame length (header + smb2 response specific data)