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Merge branches 'pm-devfreq' and 'pm-tools'
* pm-devfreq: PM / devfreq: Define the constant governor name PM / devfreq: Remove unneeded conditional statement PM / devfreq: Show the all available frequencies PM / devfreq: Change return type of devfreq_set_freq_table() PM / devfreq: Use the available min/max frequency Revert "PM / devfreq: Add show_one macro to delete the duplicate code" PM / devfreq: Set min/max_freq when adding the devfreq device * pm-tools: tools/power/cpupower: add libcpupower.so.0.0.1 to .gitignore tools/power/cpupower: Add 64 bit library detection MAINTAINERS: add maintainer for tools/power/cpupower cpupower: Fix no-rounding MHz frequency output